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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Opportunities Test Our Level Of Responsible Action

Good evening, my scribe. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source—Aton. Be at peace and allow for the energy to settle within.

This task of receiving is what you have come for, along with other equally important and related work. Let not the situation in which you now find yourself dissuade you from fulfilling your mission.

[Editor’s Historical Note: This present Message from Commander Hatonn was the second of three (chronologically) from the Higher Realms that appeared in the March 22, 1999 issue of CONTACT at a time when it had become clear to some of us (who previously were responsible for that publication) that there would finally need to be a “parting of the ways” and formation of a new, high-integrity publication—later called The SPECTRUM by the time of its June 1999 premier issue.

In a semi-private Message from Commander Hatonn on 9/28/96, the incredibly gifted (if humbly reluctant) receiver of this present Message was informed that conditions were rapidly deteriorating to the point where it would soon become necessary for this receiver to take over this kind of public communication duties from a failing Doris Ekker, who for some time jealously claimed to still be exclusively receiving accurate Messages for Commander Hatonn—long after such was clearly not the case to anyone exercising a reasonable level of discernment. That fact was the essence of the “bomb” dropped in the March 15, 1999 issue of CONTACT that was now in the hands of a readership justifiably stirred-up by the time this present Message was being written for sharing as part of a Situation Update article in the March 22, 1999 issue of CONTACT.

In a state of shock and fury over our daring exposure of fraud, and under cloak of Darkness at approximately 8:30 PM on the evening of March 24, 1999, E.J. Ekker (from where he and Doris were hiding, over in the Philippines) abruptly ordered his dutiful minions back in Tehachapi, California to have the longtime CONTACT core staff locked-out of the CONTACT offices.

The “excommunicated” CONTACT staff then immediately went to work to produce one final four-page issue—dated March 26, 1999—from a remote location that had already been set up in anticipation of such a move on the part of the desperate Ekkers. The final CONTACT issue was produced partly to demonstrate who was REALLY still very much in control of the situation (much to the astonishment of Doris and E.J. Ekker and their dutiful followers), but mostly that final issue was sent out to alert the now quite anxious and curious readers about the shady shenanigans that had just taken place and to assure them that an honorable new publication by the locked-out staff would be forthcoming as soon as practical.

It was only about seven hours after this present Message was written (the second, chronologically, of three shared in the 3/22/99 issue of CONTACT), by one receiver in one geographical location, that a 3/21/99 Message (#3 of the 3 shared) by Commander Hatonn was written by a different receiver in an entirely different geographical location. Neither scribe was aware (for a day or so) that the other had been asked to write similar Messages for the same author. One important point apparently being demonstrated in a “public” way was that such Teachers from the Higher Realms are not limited in their ability to work toward a common goal through various communication conduits.]

Change is inevitable and all life forms and beings are forever evolving and changing. With change comes the newness that you each deeply desire. Some have come to fear change, and thus resist the natural urges of the very evolutionary nature of their being.

You each, as co-creators, have chosen to come forth into the physical to take part in the physical drama so that you could have the opportunity to express the unique creative urges that you, as individuals, have to offer forth. This very idea of creativity is, in and of itself, a desire for newness and change.

Do you prefer to watch a re-run of the same episode on your television sets, day after day, week after week, or would you rather watch new episodes with new situations and new dramas? Do you not see that you DO desire the challenges associated with the inevitable changes that are taking place all around you?

Fear usually enters the picture when you are faced with a “sudden” challenge, and in the abruptness you feel as if you are ill-prepared for what it is that you are experiencing. You fear that you know not how to act, respond, or think. And therefore you find the situation a bit uncomfortable to experience.

Not knowing is a byproduct of disconnect from Higher Source. There are no “wrong” ways to act or respond. There are, however, actions that bring forth greater balance within and allow for you to stay connected to the nurturing Life-Force Energy. These actions could be viewed as being the “better” choice (of those possible) when faced with a difficult decision or challenge.

Follow your heart. What does this mean?

You can feel, within, the response to the thoughts you are thinking, and thus know what direction feels right to you. You must be very careful, for there are times when the inner reactionary responses of anger will seem, in the moment, the most fulfilling to you. However, the learned traveler who has made such choices will always regret taking such actions, for they will know that there is nothing of any real value to be gained in physically or emotionally harming another.

You readers shall witness many such attacks upon those who stand firm within the Light, and who will not relinquish their responsibilities toward getting the Word out.

Who are the ones who make the CONTACT a physical reality every week? Who are the ones who volunteer their time or money or prayers to assist in this very task?

Now ask who are the ones efforting to stop these ones from doing their job? I ask that you readers stand as witness to these very events and take appropriate action, if and when the need arises.

What is this “appropriate” action? It is the power of prayer, the kind note of support, or the demand for accountability from those who would seek to harm or destroy another.

None is above another in this unfolding drama. Each of you play a significant role in the production of this newspaper, even if all you do is read the paper and assume that there will, indeed, be another. Your assumption is, in most cases, a desire offered forth, with little-to-no resistance, and therefore adds energy to the manifestation process of the paper.

Ones are now plotting the destruction of the paper, though they know it not. These ones would say they are trying to “rescue” it from “evil” people. These ones truly know not what they are doing. These ones will tout that the paper is “Commander Hatonn’s” paper and that the “Hatonn” now in the paper is an imposter. So be it, for the Adversary MUST always wear a sign.

I do not underestimate the ability of you ones to discern Truth for yourselves—and thus spot the clues and signs. Therefore, I know that you ones will be able to go within and feel (discern with the heart) the difference between the energies presented to you, and you will know that which is truly of Higher Source.

I am given to know, through the inner connection to Creator Source, many specific details about these very attackers that they believe “no one knows”. And therein lies the primary reason why God ALWAYS wins, every time!

Allow for any confusion that you may have regarding the recent unfolding regarding Doris and E. J. Ekker. These ones find themselves in a very difficult-to-face situation and see not the Higher soul-ution sitting in front of them, awaiting internal recognition. Offer to them prayers of Light and Love. Ask that they be given that which will serve the Greatest Good.

JUDGE THEM NOT! Be quick to forgive any actions they may take in anger, embarrassment, or spite. Their path is a difficult path, chosen for the enormous potential for inner growth. And though they see it not, they have created their own reality. The energy they are now experiencing is an exact match to what they are perpetuating within.

These ones will likely attempt to verbally “thrash” and “bash” any and all who they perceive have come against them. The frequency of the energy is one of embarrassment, revenge, and spite.

I, Hatonn, do NOT operate in those frequency ranges!

From my perspective concerning the unfolding situation, I briefly allow the sadness and sorrow, born of compassion, to wash through me, and then I, with honor and dignity, allow you each, and these ones, to their free-will choices. I am always ready to offer assistance to any and all who would call upon me for same.

You can recognize the Guiding Hand of God in any situation by the byproducts of the actions taken. Do the actions taken hurt or help? Who gains? Are the interests of the Larger Mission served, or are the personal interests of the few served?

Will the house with the “bomb shelter” beneath (built and paid for with much Phoenix Institute money) serve ALL of the investors of the Phoenix Institute, or was it designed to serve those few fortunate enough to be living just down the street from it? Ones must be given ample opportunity to show, through actions taken, that they can (or cannot) handle the responsibilities entrusted to them.

My, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn’s, mission is to see to it that a remnant survive the current Planetary Transition Cycle. I prefer to design these missions so that this can take place in first-class style, and I therefore engineer the mission with many safeguards and back-up plans.

Each of these back-up plans are conditional to the players and participants I have to work with and through. I will, however, NEVER take actions that would jeopardize the success of the overall mission—and this includes having several backup receivers in many locations.

There will be survival locations ALL OVER your globe. Tehachapi is one small place with a specific purpose to serve. It is hardly the center of this Universe, or the only place for safety.

With this in mind, please consider carefully that I and the many Hosts of God will come by many names, through many people. There is no one receiver (or channel) who has “exclusive rights” to any one entity or being of the Higher Realms! We may choose a specific name under which to operate so as to minimize confusion for you ones.

We (you, me, and everyone else) are all One within the Infinite Source—Creator God. Through this connection there is the ability to KNOW each individual aspect personally. It is truly a matter of physics!

This is kind of like, when you dial the proper phone number on your telephone, you can talk to anyone who is connected to the phone system. In this case you “dial-up” the proper frequency, and you connect within, through the nonphysical heart energy center of God, to any of the infinite aspects of Creation.

This very Inner Connection is the key to the individual survival of you each. You who have developed the ability to consciously connect will be very thankful that you invested the time and energy into developing this awareness—for your survival, and the survival of many, will be greatly enhanced. Learn to trust your “gut feelings” and be not afraid to take action based upon what your “gut” tells you. The life you save may very well be your own!

Much in the way of change shall come to pass in a relatively short period of time. Your planet, as a whole, is shifting upward in frequency at an ever quickening pace. This shift in frequency is causing the low-frequency thought-energy forms held within to come forth and express (release) themselves.

You will witness ones becoming very boisterous and erratic as they must face these long-harbored feelings. This is the Cleansing Phase of the Transition Cycle. This is the opportunity for self examination so that you can release the inner pains and negativity.

Many will suppress the urge to release these energies for fear of exposure and embarrassment. This will act as a pressure cooker with the heat turned up to high. Many will not realize what is taking place, and there will be an ever increasing number of murders, suicides, etc., as a result of these ever-building inner pressures.

Be quick to forgive ones in these times, for the pressures are, as we speak, at alarming levels. Ones need your compassion and understanding now, more than ever. In the coming months and years compassion may be all you have to offer as ones struggle to release the inner demons locked in place by past guilts, fears, and denials.

Look not at these times with apprehension in your heart, but rather, with eagerness and anticipation of the journey. Be quick to recognize that the internal pressures come from the very challenges you have come to face. Each challenge is to help you to discover the unique nature and abilities which you, as a co-creator and unique fragment of Creator Source, have at your disposal.

To increase your awareness of self, you must let go of the past and accept that your thinking will evolve as you are ready for the next natural phase of awareness and growth. This brings us full circle from where we started this Message: CHANGE is a natural part of the evolutionary nature of your being. To fear such change is to stunt and slow the very growth you desire!

Be quick to spot the value of NEW experiences and ideas. If one presents new ideas to you that make you fearful, then go within and discern for yourself the cause for the fear. Therein you will learn the reason for the reactionary response in the first place, and in doing so you will grow.

It is now time to cleanse away the fears that bind you! Your environment is becoming an optimal one for this very task. Exploit the opportunity you now have, and in doing so you will be keeping-up with the constant upward shifts in frequency that are now taking place—and thus greatly enhancing your ability to cope and survive.

May the insights offered herein serve you as tools so that you can better prepare yourselves for the challenges ahead. I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Mission Commander of Project Earth-Shan Transition. I come with the Host of God, within the Infinite Light of Creator Source—The One Light. Salu!

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