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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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War And Terrorism — Or, Is It A “Healing Crisis”?

Good afternoon, my scribe. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. Be still and find inner peace as the cauldron of emotional turbulence erupting in your world releases its energy.

The Middle East happenings are a result of many generations of karmic “build-up” of people and nations whose choices and actions are creating the “conflict”. Look not at the situation from the point of view of victims and oppressors, but rather from the point of view of cleansing.

Your world is in a natural cleansing cycle wherein every suppressed or “hidden” emotional imbalance is being caused to come to the forefront and be confronted. When there is denial on a personal level, you will get sharp emotional outbursts. When there is denial on a group or national level, you will get the outbreak or escalation of warlike mentality.

The agitation that many are feeling is continually being fueled with distractions because when ones are feeling, on a personal level, the pressures of their own inner cleansing, they will be quick to avoid the inner-self conflict—especially when there are external happenings to cast blame upon.

You each are affected by the games being played on the global level, whether you directly realize it or not. Each time you hear about the war in the Middle East or the War on Terrorism, you are being conditioned to a new way of thinking. This is the “New World Order” mindset, if you will.

This “new” mindset is one based on fear and intimidation (terror) by the global elite. You are being conditioned to believe that mass genocide of a nation is justified because of a handful of “reported” radicals. You are being led to believe that murder, and the subsequent plunder, of a nation is justifiable and acceptable behavior.

This conditioning will work for the majority of people. However it will never work for ALL people. You, and ones like you, will always know in your heart that there are ALWAYS alternatives to violence and killing.

Stay centered and know that the schoolroom you are in is for this very reason. Each of you are there to make choices and decisions that will then be reflected back to you. With each choice and decision you will experience the return flow of the energy you send out, and have the reward you deserve.

If balance and peace is what comes back to you, then you can know that that is what you are emanating and projecting. If anger and grief seem to be a chronic part of your experience, then look closely at what you are projecting. This is much more difficult because most ones do not see how their chronic habits of complaining and arguing generate turbulence in their own space—and in the space of those with whom they interact on a regular basis.

Your world is designed to give you the feedback you need so that you can have the opportunity to examine and evaluate your own progress along the lines of personal spiritual growth. The energy you emanate is of far greater importance than the physical accomplishments you achieve.

However, you will find that those who emanate compassion, enthusiasm, and joy are also the ones who will be of a very productive nature in terms of helping their fellow travelers. Often these ones are in positions of service-oriented work, such as a youth guidance counselor, or are the ones who tend to volunteer freely their time in order to help others.

Your world is full of ones who EXTERNALLY seek their validation of self worth. Often these ones have a life full of superficial THINGS, as it is common to associate material wealth with the idea of success. However, I remind you ones that it is what you take with you when you leave the physical experience that is of the greatest importance.

Often ones with large accumulations of material wealth tend to be of a nature where they do not trust other people, for they fear that these “lesser-achieving” individuals only want one thing: their money. This can be the case, and if the wealthy individual has this fear, they will certainly manifest it in the physical, and attract this parasitic element to them.

Ask yourself: what percentage of each day do you devote toward helping others? Many will say that they are continually worrying about and fussing over family members, and that it practically consumes their life. This is a good first step.

However, you each have a MUCH GREATER capacity to flow energy than to limit yourself to such a small group of individuals. Perhaps it would be of an educational advantage for you to volunteer one day a month at a local church, school, or event that would broaden your interactions, and thus your awareness of the community in which you live.

Learning to recognize opportunities that are in front of you to help others is perhaps one of the more difficult lessons to learn. More times than not such opportunities are missed due to preoccupation of self. It is usually when you are the most preoccupied with your own problems that the opportunity to help another is presented to you—to help you find the answers you seek.

Sounds a bit like a “Catch 22” problem wherein the opportunity presents itself when you have the least amount of “headspace” to take on the challenge. Again, I remind you that you are each QUITE capable beings who have a tremendous capacity to flow energy, especially love and compassion. However, the majority of you ones have placed tremendous amounts of self limitations upon yourselves—to the extent that you believe you are fragile, due to years of accumulation of emotional baggage.

Your self perception has a lot to do with your current energy level and the amount of “headroom” you perceive yourself to have. The chronic “woe is me” attitude will deplete your energy faster than if you were to go out and run several miles.

As your world continues through the high-frequency energy “car wash”, and more and more of the lower-frequency emotional states are cleansed away, you will witness a higher and higher level of energy emerging on an individual basis as well as on a planetary scale.

At this current time, much of your world is in the “healing crisis” phase of the cleansing process. This is when you are actually getting better, but there is a seeming increase in discomfort as the “poisons” are dislodging and seeking release.

Allow for the process to unfold, and try to remain centered as you interact with others who are also experiencing their own healing “challenges”.

Many of you would find great comfort in having reminders around you—such as inspirational pictures, or crystals, or music that helps you to remember who you really are (an immortal spiritual being on a journey of self discovery)—should you forget. You each, from time to time, lapse into the very solid mindset of physical experience, wherein lower emotions such as anger and frustration seem to flood your mind to such a point that you will forget who you are or why you chose to come into the physical experience.

You do not have to remain in this disconnected, forgetful state one moment longer than it takes you to see that you have “fallen” and that the most appropriate action is to simply get yourself back up. As you learn to help yourself, you will naturally spread this understanding to others who will, in turn, spread it to many, many more.

Learn to recognize the moments of despair, loneliness, frustration, and anger as signals to you that you have “fallen” and how, with a simple change of perspective, you can lift yourself back up and find something to be thankful about—and that there is a whole world out there which could benefit from your active participation.

Suppose you grieve over a lost loved one, and feel as if life is not worth living “alone”. You sort of just mope around, thinking that there is nothing left to live for, “So why continue?”

I would say to you that the very loved one for whom you grieve is still with you and very much a part of your life. Remember the Bigger Picture and stay connected! You are each INFINITE beings who NEVER die.

To doubt and question is natural—to the extent that you remain ignorant of such things. But your loved ones who have passed from the physical experience are in a place where a much broader perspective is held. From this perspective they would only wish that you express yourselves to the fullest, and approach life with the enthusiasm and curiosity of a young child exploring a new friend’s backyard or toy box for the first time. Your potential for new experience is virtually unlimited—except (again) for your own personal limiting perceptions.

So, as your world seems to be racing toward an ever increasing escalation of violence, you do NOT have to become part of that reality! You CAN lift yourself out of the reactionary thinking and voice your disagreement with the projected mental conditioning that is constantly bombarding you.

When you know in your heart that killing innocent citizens is NEVER justifiable, you will know that you are right in your thinking that war is NEVER the answer, and that such beliefs are only held by primitive, immature individuals who have yet to grow past their own insecurities and fears.

Often the so-called “elite world controllers” who profess to be superior in their thinking and intellect are but cowering children who wear a mask of certainty, confidence, and intellect. Under their mask they are weak individuals who fear the free-will Creative Potential of the collective masses—and therefore do everything in their power to derail this “frightening” Force.

Such an attitude is common among the elite class of your world. These ones greatly fear the astonishing creative ingenuity of the “common” person—for such will surely tear the mask from their face and the whole world will see these cowards as they truly are.

The elite class of your world have the greatest inner “demons” to face, and as these ones remain in self-denial, they will continue to escalate wars and violence as much as they can, in order to avoid the inner confrontation with self. This will continue until their “insanity” can no longer be contained, and the whole world sees them as they truly are: fearful, wounded souls, who must finally stand accountable for all past choices.

These experiences you are now facing are for good reason. The majority of your world mostly live on “autopilot”, while a very small percentage—two to three percent—actually decide the general course that the masses on your planet will take. Again, you each choose your own path, and to the extent that you truly wish to impact the consciousness of others will be the extent you choose to do so.

There is no limit to your Potential—except that which YOU place on self. So, by choosing to ignore or take no action, you still have made a choice, and thus the consequences of your choice to “do nothing” or “not concern yourself” with world affairs are still part of your experience.

This is not to say that you have made “bad” or “wrong” choices. It is simply stating that, if you choose to put your head in the sand, then you cannot be blaming another when the “bulldozer” of change reaches you and you are not prepared for the consequences.

Learn to be IN your world, but not OF it; be attentive that you don’t “slip” to match the lower-level emotional frequency ranges of it. Learn to be observant of conditions evolving around you, and project love and appreciation into each of them.

If ones are acting out of fear, say by passing new legislation [like the Patriot Act] that will further impact your freedom, then send Love and Healing Light to those ones so that they can heal from their pain. NEVER underestimate your ability to have an impact on your world! Learn to respond to, say, the contrived “terrorism” of your present world scene with love and compassion, rather than with fear and anger. Often desperate and oppressed people will take drastic actions so that a spotlight will be shined on an area that is lacking in love and compassion.

Look past the physical atrocities, and remember that YOU EACH ARE MUCH MORE THAN A PHYSICAL BODY EXPERIENCING, and that THE REAL YOU IS IMMORTAL AND INFINITE IN NATURE AND POTENTIAL, and that the physical experience is not much more than a role-playing game designed to stretch your awareness of self so that you might generate a desire to MORE FULLY express your Potential.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the Light of Creator God in response to your many petitions for Understanding and Insight. You each have a unique perspective from which to express yourselves. May you always seek to serve the greatest good when doing so.

Blessings and peace. Salu

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