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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Awakening To Your Inner Journey

Good evening, my scribe. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the Light of Creator God—The One Light.

Many question the nature of these “spiritual” messages, for they wish to have more tangible (physical) proof of the concepts of which we often speak. The proof you desire will come in the form of PERSONAL experience. Our function is to give assistance where assistance is asked for with the heart. The nature of our assistance is that of a wayshower. We will make observations, comments, and even suggestions; however, we leave the understanding and doing part up to YOU.

Every physical participant has chosen to take physical form as a result of each one’s desire to experience from a detached perspective of individuality in order to study some of the finer aspects and subtleties of Creator God’s functioning as such is reflected in the physical realm. You ones do this so as to grow in your personal understanding of SELF, as well as to enhance your understanding of the balanced dynamic interchange that permeates all aspects of Creation—from “heaven” to “hell” and very much beyond.

The majority of you in the physical take almost no time to study your own inner perceptions of subtle sensations that constantly wash over you throughout your days. And yet, most of you same ones are constantly seeking greater and greater understanding of who you are. To know yourself, you need to study yourself. However, the majority of your planet’s inhabitants are at a level of learning wherein situations need to get pretty painful in order for them to seek change from the day-to-day comfort of familiarity.

Those of you who are drawn to this sort of message, and are open to the “possibility” of its authenticity, are the ones who recognize that there is much more to life than simply surviving as comfortably as you possibly can. You ones are seeking to understand where you fit into the Larger Design of Life.

Having a belief in a general teaching or philosophy is a good place from which to base your inquiries, but there are NO SUBSTITUTES for first-hand experience of the principles that are taught by any such philosophy. Most ones prefer it when another takes the responsibility of telling them what is right and what is not, so that they do not have to assume the responsibility of discerning for themselves what is truly the correct spiritual path for their own personal needs and desires.

Many a diligent student of Life will find that they quickly outgrow the dogma of religious institutions. It is for this reason (among others of a similar control nature) that there were made revisions to the “holy scriptures”—in order to retain parishioners who are often made to feel that the only way to truly be connected with God and Christ is through a church group leader.

Creator God created you each in perfection. No mistakes were made. All ones, however, make “mistakes”—or so it would seem. In actuality, the nature and conditions of the physical schoolroom, in which you are each participating, is such that “mistakes” are part of the teaching curriculum. You are EXPECTED to make “errors” in judgment. You are also expected to learn from these “errors” and grow. So, if you are expected to make “errors”, then it is no mistake to do so.

In the moment of personal recognition of your so-called “error”, you, in that very same moment, have moved forward a little bit in terms of EXPERIENTIAL GROWTH. This is the primary function and purpose of the physical environment.

While you are each striving for a greater perfection, you will find that there is always a next challenge and always a next choice to be faced and considered wherein a CLEAR path is not evident—especially when ONLY physical parameters are considered.

This is the point wherein you would be wise to take note and AMPLIFY the subtle inner sensations of intuition (inner Guidance). You ALL have this! Some simply take more conscious note of the signals and learn to interpret them.

When you begin to sense and integrate the inner world of the Knowing-self that is always connected to Creator Source, with your outer conscious reactionary self, you open up all sorts of new potentials as greater information is made available to you from which to draw discernment.

It is also at this point that the nature of your lessons begins to take on a new direction. That is, it is often at the point wherein ones open up to the spiritual side of “life in the physical” that there is a great amount of change, confusion, and often heartache, as the schoolroom is rearranged to accommodate your next set of lessons.

Just as you may have to leave friends and family behind in order to go off to college, so too is it often similarly the case when students of Life are ready for finer spiritual aspects of their journey.

Though this sort of transition can be difficult as ones blossom into the next level of learning, so too can it be a time of excitement and great learning as “coincident” meetings begin to take place and new circles of like-minded friendships are formed.

As has been stated many times prior: when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

You each attract to you what you NEED in order to face your next learning challenge. Note I said “NEED”, not want! Many of you want that which will satisfy physical comfort—at the expense of stagnating your spiritual growth.

As you progress further down the spiritual path, the challenges become more and more subtle as you will be encouraged to more finely “tune into” your inner connection to Source. You will often notice much more detail surrounding those with whom you interact, and you will be Guided in such a way so as to learn to interpret the information and connect the inner feelings with the outer observations. Eventually you will learn to trust the inner feelings and KNOW what is happening—even when the outer observation is not apparent.

It is quite important to note here that there are ones who have grown quite acutely aware of these finer inner senses and the correlating energies that are behind them, but who choose to use these same energies for very selfish purposes, and manipulate others who are less aware of same. These would be the Lucifers and Satans of biblical legend. These entities are a very real aspect of your experience, just as are the Christed ones who have progressed very far down the same spiritual path that you are now on.

These earlier-mentioned selfish entities DO NOT like to have around them ones who can see through the games they play from a non-physical level with the less aware individuals. Therefore, as ones are awakening to their larger heritage of the nature of the Inner Self, these selfish (or Dark) entities will often lash out at the awakening ones—for they FEAR that such ones might ruin the games these Dark entities play. These Dark entities can make your lives very turbulent and uncomfortable if you do not learn to take precautions to protect yourselves from their mischief.

The very best and most simple way to protect yourself is to push all negativity away from yourself; in short, get yourself into a calm and somewhat peaceful state. Next, say a prayer or call upon God, Christ, Angels, Spirit Guides, or whatever symbolizes for you a powerful Force of Goodness (Light), and ask for that presence within and around you. Such a call is ALWAYS answered!

The “Dark Tricksters” can only progress so far down the path they have chosen before stagnation of growth occurs wherein they eventually realize the “error” they have made. Again, they made no real error. They, like you, were created by God in perfection, and given free will to choose as they see fit. These ones could be looked upon as great teachers with a VERY strong conviction of self. They play a crucial role in challenging all students progressing along the unfolding journey of Life as ones explore the inner world of Spiritual Energies which permeate ALL levels of existence—often referred to as the God Force.

All ones carry inside them a uniqueness seeking to be expressed. This uniqueness is instilled at the moment of the soul’s conception within Creator’s Desire. You each are compelled to express your uniqueness in ever more completeness. This inner drive is what causes ones to choose the various paths and avenues that they do. Your chosen path will eventually lead you to a greater awareness of self, and a greater level of inner satisfaction.

The greatest inner peace and satisfaction you will ever know, while an active participant in the physical, is when you are expressing your inner uniqueness to the fullest extent you are capable of achieving.

This is the “reward” that you seek. It is the “missing something” that you are looking for in life. And though I have just told you each how to find it, many will claim I speak in riddles.

No, my friends, I do not speak in riddles. I speak in general terms so as to help as many of you as possible. You each have a different level of understanding and awareness, and you each will read the same words but derive a little different meaning and understanding. For some, English is a secondary language, and this too will cause some misunderstanding.  However, I encourage you each to take-in these words with an open heart and ask for CLARIFICATION within.

As always, take what you feel is for you and leave the rest—perhaps for another time.

If these ideas and concepts in this message seem like an old tired record to you, then perhaps you should be sitting and taking down your own messages directly, rather than waiting for another to do it for you. You each have FULL access to Creator God and to all that is offered with and through your inner conduit to Source.

Allow for your journey to unfold in its own unique time and manner. You are immortal beings, and the ever present moment of NOW is all you truly have in order to achieve your inner heart desire. Allow the infinite wisdom of “hindsight” to help guide you in the present. But—be wary of the chronic preoccupation with past trauma, for it too is a TRICK used to keep you ones from awakening to the Larger Reality of Life within you.

Please know that there is no real separation from you of your lost loved ones. Please let go of any heartache you may be feeling from such past experiences. You will see all your loved ones again and again and again. This physical schoolroom is only an illusion that serves a purpose so that you may experience most fully the idea of individuality.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the One Light of Creator God. May your journey be forever unfolding in newness and with the joy of surprise. You are each deserving of Creator’s infinite and unconditional Love; learn to allow this KNOWING to enter your heart.

Blessings and Peace, in Light, Salu.

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