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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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I Hear Your Call, Do You Hear Mine?

Greetings, my scribe. It is I, Esu “Jesus” Sananda. Yes, I come in the Holy Light of The One Light—Creator Source. Please be calm for there is a much needed message that I wish to deliver.

Many ones are petitioning for my input on various matters. I wish to let all ones know that I indeed DO hear the many calls and that they do not go unnoted.

You ones who seek Guidance through this particular source should go back and re-read many of the past public writings again—very carefully. You will see, often, that the words from a particular named entity will often include statements such as “We of the Lighted realms”.

Please be assured that I, Esu Sananda, am one of those “We” mentioned.

We of the Lighted Realms often blend our energies (thoughts) with others so as to maximize the efficiency and the time of the various scribes who volunteer to serve in such a public capacity as is represented by this present message. If you look to the prior message with Soltec’s name ascribed to it [from 6/21/00], you will, upon close scrutiny, see that there was a lot of Korton (an Entity who specializes in communication) in that particular message, and yet it is titled as being presented by Soltec.

[Editor’s Note: The first 1/3 of Volume I of WISDOM OF THE RAYS: The Masters Teach introduces a number of the Teachers from the Higher Realms, including Tomeros Maasu Korton.]

We often work with and through our receivers on whatever frequency and wavelength suits them best at any particular time. In other words, we adjust our frequency to closely match theirs and will often relay our messages through one who has established the connection. The name is often ascribed for the benefit of you, there in the physical, for from our perspective there is little to no differentiation.


Please know that I have not left you ones ever. I work diligently to assist those of you who have the “eyes” to see and the “ears” to hear. These terms are quite figurative. I’ve come to tell you that you each have the “eyes” and “ears” of which I speak, and yet many of you are quite reluctant to use them, or only use them when you are “in the mood” to do so.

This is all well and fine, for we of the Lighted Brotherhood who come in service to The One Light do not make demands upon you, our brethren; we are not of force, coercion, or subtle manipulation. We honor your free will to choose, as you wish, above all else, for it is Creator’s Desire that you each have freedom to choose as you will.

We do hope that it would be your choice to be attentive to “the call” at all times, and that you each make a diligent effort to recognize your inner conscious connection to Source.

Many are asking: “What can I do to help?”

We of the Lighted Realms are always looking for hands who will write or mouths who will speak our messages. If this is an overwhelming suggestion, then perhaps you could offer assistance to those whose actions and work you feel are a worthy cause.

I, Esu Sananda, have a great responsibility and duty to the overall welfare of your planet. I see that the majority of your world still sleeps in ignorance of the nature of the Larger Game being played on your planet. There are very real elements of what you ones would refer to as “Darkness” who wish to use these sleeping ones as easily manipulated pawns who, by sheer numbers, can “distort” the perceptions of the rest of the players who either are awake, or are beginning to awaken, to the startling reality of the Game.

Esu “Jesus” Sananda


This reproduction is from an actual photograph taken on June 1, 1961 in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, by one of thirty archaeologists working in the area at the time. Esu Sananda appeared in visible, tangible body and permitted his photograph to be taken.

Yes, my scribe. My scribe asks me to explain the nature of this distortion. And so I shall.

The large number of the masses who I refer to above as being “asleep” are ones who mostly just live a reactionary life, not really concerned with anything outside of their current circle of interaction. These ones are easily swayed by the “opinion” of the general media. They don’t really question anything that is told to them. They mostly just exist, without giving much thought to their personal spiritual growth.

These ones, though they do not see or perceive same, have God-Force Energy flowing to them and through them, as do any and all aspects of the physical environment. These ones can and are being used as low-level focusers of this very energy.

For example, raise the gasoline prices (which impacts most ones on your planet) and you will create a higher general level of anxiety in the “aethers”. This equates to a net infusion of negatively oriented energy about and around the planet. This added negative energy will, at times, make it more difficult for we of the Lighted Realms (positively oriented energy) to get our messages through.

The Dark, manipulative ones who usurp the energy of these sleeping ones in such a manner do so without regard for the long-term effects it will have on THEIR OWN soul evolution, let alone what effect it has on the ones who, for the most part, see not that they have been and are being used.

The net effect that we observe from our perspective is simply an attempt to distort the perceivable reality of the rest of the planet by getting everyone “worrying” about everything and anything EXCEPT what is truly important: self-determined exploration of one’s own spiritual heritage.

This distortion can most easily be observed in the excessive compulsion for materialism, money, and self-aggrandizement so prevalent in your world—especially in the United States.

Be not alarmed, for these same “sleepy” ones will, one day, be pushed too far by the puppet masters who pull their strings and push their buttons, and the game will quickly fall apart. The Dark-oriented “elite” controllers grow quite arrogant and self assured as they literally pull off one preposterous atrocity after another. This has instilled in them a false sense of assuredness, and they have grossly overestimated the gullibility of these “sleepy” ones who, when awakened, will become the mechanism of their undoing.

Our efforts, as Lighted Truthbringers, is one borne of great compassion. We know that we will not reach all ones whom these messages would benefit. But we are reaching a great number of you ones who will, in turn, be able to spread your understanding of same to those with whom you interact.

In this way you (we) will thus touch, and make a very real impact upon, many a soul who cries out for understanding and yet sees not the response, for seldom does the answer come in the form you imagine. Nay, very few have an Angel appear to them in white flowing robes, descending upon a beam of light, as depicted in the mind-control machinery you ones call movies and television. The more likely Angel will come as a very real flesh-and-blood person who offers a helping hand to someone in need.

Many of you, who are learning to use your God-given talents and abilities, are the Angels sent to assist your brothers and sisters in a time of great and rapid change. You will have great need to remember and share your general understanding with those with whom you come in contact.

NEVER underestimate YOUR importance in the larger overall mission that is well underway. You each are a unique aspect of Creator God. God did not make any mistakes in sending you ones who volunteered for the job. Though you may not see it at this particular time, you each have something to contribute that will help others to, in turn, help themselves.

Remember, please, that the greatest gift you can give others is knowledge or ability to help themselves. The wayshower is one who shows others a way through their challenge, but the choice is always left to each individual as to whether or not they will walk a given path.

Please know that I DO hear the many petitions that come from your sincere desire to connect. Know, too, that I am as close as your very breath, and that in the stillness of your mind you can and do hear me.

I shall not abandon any ones, regardless of the choices and decisions they may make. But I do witness many ones who have deliberately ignored my call and who have turned away from the Lighted Assistance that is forever awaiting to be of service. To these ones I say that I am here for you as well, for it is not my place to judge what is appropriate or inappropriate for you. My Love is offered without conditions or expectation of reciprocation or understanding.

I am Esu “Jesus” Sananda, along with many a kindred soul who hail from within the Lighted Realms of The Creation and who find great joy in serving you, our brethren.

In Light and Love to you who “hear” and “see” (as well as to those of you who seem to make a career out of ignoring us). Blessings and Peace to you ALL! Salu.

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