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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Lightness And Darkness Both Show Their Signs

Just because ones once followed the Light, does not mean that they are still following the Light. It is very easy to be seduced by the Dark Forces, especially if ones allow themselves to become angry, fearful, sloppy, boastful, or haughty. If you have become so self-confident that you feel you no longer have the need to clear your space or demand identification or ask for Guidance and Protection by the Lighted Forces of Creator God, then you have set yourself up for the biggest fall possible.

I open this Message with a great caution, for there are many who have been taken-in by the Adversary and know it not. It is a time for real self-examination and self-judgment.

Good evening, child. It is Esu “Jesus” Immanuel Sananda, the one who was and is and has been known by many titles. I AM ONE with the Father—Holy God of Light and Creation. I come unto thee this day in and with that same Light of Creation, and I come with the Truth, which is the Sword of Justice.

[Editor’s Historical Note: It was in the pivotal 3/15/99 issue of CONTACT that the “bomb” was finally dropped to publicly expose the greatly deteriorated condition of Doris Ekker’s receiving abilities. This news shocked some CONTACT readers (the asleep or lazy ones) and caused many others to cheer (the awake and observant ones). Such a daring move soon resulted in a lock-out confrontation, a “parting of the ways”, and then the formation of a new, high-integrity publication called The SPECTRUM, about three months later, by some of what had been the core CONTACT staff.

For several months before this split, the beloved spiritual Messages regularly shared in CONTACT (but not received by Doris) were sprinkled with hints about the situation. However, even such subtle “exposure” caused a spooked Doris and E.J. Ekker to strongly request that CONTACT refrain from sharing any further spiritual Messages “for awhile”. Supposedly the spiritual Messages were eroding confidence in certain (shady?) financial dealings of theirs going on in the Philippines, where they had been residing (that is, hiding out) for over six months by that time—beyond what was originally supposed to be a few-week “business trip” in August of 1998.

But the spiritual Messages were meant for a worldwide audience of appreciative Ground Crew, and so, finally, enough was enough! So the 3/15/99 CONTACT, as part of its eye-opening exposé, shared 13 “revealing” Messages (including several that had previously been held back from publication) with a readership that was justifiably in a buzz after seeing the startling front-page headline that read: Ed Young “Fired” As CONTACT Chief. Now The Truth Shall Out.

These 13 exquisitely lesson-filled Messages were received by two superb receivers, both of whom, in their own way, had to long endure (and ultimately rise above) Doris Ekker’s bouts of jealous wrath directed toward any perceived intrusion on her self-proclaimed “territory”.

This present Message is chronologically #7 of the 13 total that were shared in that pivotal 3/15/99 issue of CONTACT. It is the first of seven finally published for the first time therein.]

If you have allowed yourself to become more important than the overall mission at hand, then you have been misled and misguided by the Dark energies. And if this attitude is not checked and brought under control, it will ultimately cause not only damage to the mission at hand, but to your very soul.

I caution all, therefore, to take care and do a thorough self-examination, and judge for self why you might be doing what you are doing. God sees what you see, knows what you know, and feels what you feel. He knows what motivates your actions, reactions, and inactions. Only you and He can know for certain what the reason and intent is behind each of your choices.

As we sit to write this evening, there is much activity underfoot, and much of it is going to become unpleasant very soon, for the Darkness has been found out and is being exposed for exactly what it is and what it is doing. There are, unfortunately, going to be a few who shall be hurt by it. But the pain shall not be life-threatening—unless those who experience it choose it to be so, and that is always a potential, but not necessarily the given.

Any time the Adversary is found out and is cast out, there shall be much noise and temper throwing. The unfortunate thing is that many of you shall bear the brunt of the tantrum, so gird thyself with my Father’s strength and faith that you are standing on solid ground.

As I told you ones previously [in Sananda’s 12/25/98 and 1/3/99 Messages], I am in the process of separating out the wheat from the chaff, and this cleansing process would first begin with mine own!

This process is one of cleansing Dark energies, not necessarily people. However, if ones become comfortable entertaining (and refuse to let go of) an influencing Dark energy, then they weed themselves from Lighted (high-frequency) service to Creator. I am very serious about my cleansing mission, and I see that not much has changed. So, therefore, let it go forth. So be it.

For those who would be caught in the crossfire, so to speak, I can only give you this assurance: Defend thyselves with our Father’s Light—the Light of the Creator, the pure, warm Light of Love—and you will escape harm. For the winds of anger shall blow, and the storm may come very near unto you, indeed. But wrap yourselves in the Love and in the Knowledge of what you know to be the Truth, and the storm shall pass over.

The Adversary will always attempt to infiltrate God’s own (and most often has been successful). It is the place where the most damage can occur, and it gives him much satisfaction to seduce those who have followed the righteous and Lighted path.

The Adversary does not come with a grand announcement, but slips in through the cracks of fatigue, sloppiness, laziness, and self-indulgence. Most often he will appear to be of the Light, in order to gain acceptance and trust.

Once accepted, the damage has already taken place, and the influence has begun. What is said may sound very correct, with a salting of truth—enough to reel you in. But sooner or later the true identity will be recognized by lies, confusion, anger, hatred, lust, greed, and/or rage that will almost always come forth, for he can only disguise himself for so long before overconfidence sets in.

Esu “Jesus” Sananda


This reproduction is from an actual photograph taken on June 1, 1961 in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, by one of thirty archaeologists working in the area at the time. Esu Sananda appeared in visible, tangible body and permitted his photograph to be taken.

[Editor’s Note: The following section of this Writing was originally noted as private information, not to be included with the public portion, had this writing not been held back from presentation when originally intended to be shared with you readers many weeks ago. Now, of course, the information below is enormously relevant to what has been unfolding in a larger arena of challenges. Moreover the compassionate insight herein carries a lesson for all of us.]

We have a receiver right now who has fallen into that state of confusion and anger, and is more driven by the ego of self than by the good of the overall mission. If she should have to admit to failure in the treasure-hunting department, then she is too embarrassed to come home, for she has allowed herself to be set-up as the solver of all the problems for too many.

She has allowed the many to become helpless, and now does not know how to handle it, other than to continually seek more and more money to keep all the present projects going, and plan for even larger ones. The Adversary has a tight grip on her at present, and there is no prediction as to whether she will cast the Shadow of Darkness from her at this present time.

(The receiver of this message does not want to write these words [having been the frequent target of jealous attacks by Doris Ekker]. But I am encouraging this one to do so, for clarification to those who are very close to the problem. You have all remarked how clear and how high the frequency of receiving of this one has become of late. And there is little wonder, for the Host of God of Light are working with this one [and another frequent receiver of Messages destined for public distribution in this publication] night and day, for it is of utmost import that these words of Truth and of Hope continue, especially at this time.)

We are all coming to the end of this mission, but we are not there yet, and the greatest work is yet to come. In the days that lie ahead, there will be an even greater need for words of truth and encouragement as your world grows even Darker.

Doris is far off the mark right now, due to the influences of the Adversary, and the writings coming from her are so littered with misperceptions, half-truths, and confusion that it is causing damage to the ones who are not strong in their knowledge.

I began this Writing by saying that just because someone once followed the Light does not mean that they are still following the Light.

Ten years ago, when Doris first began writing and receiving for Commander Hatonn, she truly was following the Light. And the desire of her heart was to help bring a broken, saddened, and misguided world back into the Light and the ways of God. And she worked hard, day and night, for many years to accomplish the task.

But, the Adversary has worked very hard to destroy this Light, this voice that was Truth, by bringing those ones who would be able to do the most harm. And in many cases the Adversary was very successful.

These experiences, however, caused Doris to become bitter and angry, for she was the focal point of the attacks, because she dared to allow the Truth to go forth from her lips and from her fingers (writing).

After many attacks, both personal and against the Phoenix Institute, by those who had come to assist her, a wall was built around her by not just herself, but by those who cared for her. And, in her anger and in her fear, she began to believe that she, and only she, could garner the real answers to the problems of the world. And so she began to trust very few people, and kept a small, intimate circle of protectors and friends around her at all times, and cut herself off from most of the outside world.

She developed not only anger against those who came against her in court battles and the like, but also anger at family members as well, and cut herself off from many of them for a long time.

Remember the pain of the loss of her son [to suicide], for it is at the apex of the whole thing. That pain and loss have never truly been dealt with, but have been masked-over and she lives in a charade about it.

It was her son’s death that first led her down the spiritual path, and allowed her to come into contact with Commander Hatonn in the first place. But the loss is still deeply painful, though she will not admit it outwardly to anyone anymore, and that pain and sorrow has created a breeding ground for the anger and bitterness upon which everything else has been built.

Rather than allowing the loss to become a growth mechanism, she has allowed it to consume her, and this has driven her onward ever since. The Adversary has taken that hurt and turned it, not only inward, which is slowly destroying the individual, but also has now caused her to turn it outward, to attack those who have only wanted to help.

She is a stubborn woman, a strong-willed woman, and these are not necessarily bad qualities. However, the strengths are being used in an attempt to destroy others now.

The Adversary has been successful in convincing her that she is the only one who can hear from Commander Hatonn. But the “Commander Hatonn” that she is espousing these days is but the Adversary disguised in a costume of Light. Behind that costume is the all too familiar Darkness and Destruction.

You are witnessing the breakdown of one who began with Godly intent of heart, but through many unpleasant experiences, the heart has turned to cold stone.

Remember that I once told you ones that lust for money was the root of all evil? Well, what is it that these “treasure hunters” are lusting for? Is not gold considered money?

The Adversary has these ones distracted and dealing in some very shady and quite dangerous dealings. These ones have no idea just how dangerous their actions are—not only for themselves, but for all those who have been or are becoming involved.

The Adversary does not play for fun. HE PLAYS FOR KEEPS, CHELAS [students]!

I wanted the opportunity to “clear the air” completely here.


[Editor’s Note: This is the end of the Message segment which was originally considered to be a private aside to those at the center of the hurricane soon to hit landfall.]


There are many Dark influences and energies present in the world, but there are also many, many Lightworkers as well. These Lightworkers are everywhere, in every walk of life, and you will know them by the fruits of their labors.

They are the ones who are continually reaching out and helping those whose strength has given out. These are the ones who draw their strength from Creator, for if you should pay close attention, they always seem to be able to summon the strength to carry out whatever comes their way, even when they may be dead on their feet.

You look upon them, and their burdens seem light. But in reality, their burdens are greater than you know. They have only learned to allow God to assist them and aid them in the carrying of these burdens. They are also trying to teach others how to care for themselves, and seem to have the gift for knowing how to advise and how to teach.

Though they grow weary some days, they are always “there” when the need arises. Look for them, for they are many in number. But they often go unnoticed, and do these things with little or no material reward.

They are, for the most part, taken for granted in your world, but not in my Father’s Kingdom. And I know them, and they know me. They are not doing what they are doing for ego-satisfaction, or for recognition, but only because they see a need, and are willing to fulfill that need.

These Lighted ones deserve recognition, but they are not seeking it. They grow weary and frustrated with the state of this world, just as does anyone who is awake.

These ones have their sights set not on what is, but on what they see as possible. These are the ones who are making the difference, and are manifesting, through their deeds, a better world.

Each and every one of you have this same Potential within, for each and every one of you is a Spark of the Divine Source of Creation. As such, you each have as much Authority and as much Potential as any other. You have but to recognize and to begin to acknowledge this fact, and make it so.

If you desire a thing, then manifest it, and stop complaining about the lack of it. You must focus and keep focused, and continue to step toward the goal if you intend to reach the goal, whatever it is. You cannot get to the end of the street by wishing and complaining, but by putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward in a BALANCED manner.

Many overlook this matter of balance, especially when swept-up by determination, though it is as central to achieving your goal as is the process of balance a young child must master when learning to walk across a room. Without balance, your goal loses its connection to Higher Purpose, and thus loses its feeling of soul-satisfaction.

And balance most definitely does NOT mean taking from others so that you can achieve your goal. Many in your modern business world consider such taking a normal part of their ascending the corporate ladder.

So—get up off your seat and put one foot in front of the other and start moving! Focus on where you are headed, and stay on course, and stop becoming distracted and immobilized by every little pebble along the way. Step over the pebbles; don’t stop because they’re in your path.

This is how miracles happen, chelas—one step at a time. You have the Potential of the Creator and the Creation within you, and you know it not.

Healing of the body begins in the mind and comes from the Spirit within. That same Spark of Creation that is within each and every one of you carries with it the Perfection of all of Creation. You have but to draw upon it for a healing of the body, the mind, or the Spirit.

I once told you that if you but believed, you could heal the body. You must believe within the very depths of your being that you are a Divine Spark of Creation, and then picture this same Spark of Creation coursing throughout the entirety of your being, perfecting and re-creating all the time.

You, however, must take the initiative to bring about the healing, and you must truly desire to be healed, and you must not be holding any unforgiveness, guilt, or anger (especially against self) in order for the healing to take place. If there is unforgiveness, guilt, or anger, reconcile it first, and then the healing will follow.

Take the time to not only pray, but to listen. When you pray, YOU are doing the communicating (talking), and this is very important. But you must also take time to hear the answer! Many stand, for hours on end, praying, but very few take even a brief moment to listen and hear from God.

You are all One with the All of Creation. You cannot separate yourselves from it, for to do so would mean you do not exist at all.

The Spirit within each of you is the connection you have to the Oneness, and you are only shortchanging self by denying or ignoring it. It is through this connection with the Oneness that all takes place, so you must align yourself with the Oneness in order to receive from same.

As long as you consider yourself a separate entity from Creator, you shall remain separated from all that is available to you. It is your limiting beliefs which need to be replaced with empowering ones.

You live in a world in which most ones spend less time thinking about, or communing with, Creator than pursuing any other activity. As a result, you typically operate in a state of unbalanced manifestation—one which generally lacks the God component, and thus materializes only what you put the greater portion of your energy into.

Thoughts and actions are forms of Energy, and Energy, by Higher “physical” Law, will be multiplied when exerted. So, what kind of energy do you want multiplied back to you?

If you expend most of your Energy communing with and working with the Divine Energy of Creation, that bounty is what shall be multiplied back to you. If, however, you expend most of your Energy chasing after such as material wealth—that is, actually mostly dwelling (mentally and emotionally) on fear of the lack of same—that lack is what will be multiplied back to you!

God’s universes are teeming with abundance of every kind thinkable, and you, instead, chase after the toys and trinkets of your little planet. So, the next time you complain to God about lack, consider where you are spending your Energies.


Only YOU can make the change of heart and change of mind that is necessary. You have great Potential, and you but need to acknowledge this fact.

Let us close this now, for it is growing late. I thank you for the time you have taken, and I assure you that all is unfolding in perfection.

The winds and the storms are coming, but take solace in the knowledge that you are providing a necessary service—albeit one that appears to be somewhat unpleasant. All is moving forward, and we are moving together.

You are never alone, and you are never further away than the call—which always compels the answer. God does grant mercy and God does grant you blessings. The Adversary would have you believe otherwise, chelas, so recognize the Darkness for what it is—the antithesis of the Abundant Light of Creator.



Blessings upon you and yours. I am Esu Sananda, One with the Love and Light of Creation. I leave you this day with the knowledge that you, too, are One with the Love and Light of Creation.

Now, go in Peace and go in Love—mostly go in Love, for nothing is more powerful. Salu.

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