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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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A Call For World Peace

We, the species of Buffalo, are guided to share with our human brothers and sisters messages from the world of Spirit. So unconscious the human species has become they no longer retain awareness of the dreamtime realms in which Spirit is in constant communication with all species upon Earth.

In such a lack of awareness, the human species has exploited Earth and her resources, and polluted her waterways and land with toxic substances that not only kill mankind, but all other species as well. In such a lack of awareness, humanity has forgotten how to reside upon Earth in harmony and honor.

The lack of awareness was not the original truth and expression of the original humans seeded upon Earth some 50,000 years ago by the Sirian star system. Earth welcomed the Sirians and those of human form of their race to remain upon Earth, with agreements to support Earth in her choice to evolve and ascend.

This race was red-skinned and black-haired, although there were some of lighter skin color and lacking in hair pigment as well. The lighter-skinned humans were involved with the path of spiritual mastery and served a specific purpose, as they were gifted at communication with the realm of Spirit.

The seeded race was welcomed by all species upon Earth. For many thousands of years, the human species lived in honor of the land and all species thereon. The only technology utilized was that which was in harmony with the land, and did not produce toxins that could not be recycled.

Because they were a peaceful settlement, it never occurred to the Red race to stock-up on armaments or others devices necessary for protection. In hindsight, perhaps it is understood that this was a mistake, for as a group of [renegade] Pleiadian and blue-tinted humans who had white skin invaded Earth, the Red man was defenseless. The Red man subsequently lost his land, and lost consciousness as well.

The Pleiadians polluted the waterways with toxins that caused a deterioration of the Red man’s consciousness. The toxins came from discordant technology similar to present-time technology and waste. Over time, both the Red and Blue human race lost enough consciousness to fail to hear the realms of Spirit upon a regular and recurring basis. In the lack of hearing Spirit, mankind moved further and further from unity with all species upon Earth.

Yes, there are those, often considered medicine men or women in some remaining Red tribes, who hear the Spirit realms. In other cultures, such humans are considered “insane” and imprisoned in mental institutions instead of honored for their gifts of hearing the realms of Spirit. They are further drugged to try and shut off the communication of Spirit. So far away from Spirit has mankind moved that Spirit is feared, and those who are tuned-in to Spirit punished for such capabilities.

It is with great sadness that Buffalo has witnessed such travesties in the human dance. We, as all species upon Earth, stand witness to all that occurs in the human world. We have tried to communicate our wisdom and knowledge, but it has fallen upon deaf ears.

Only a few in the many remaining Red tribes hear our messages in recent centuries. And yet we continue to try to be heard, continue to communicate, for these are our agreements with the human species: to assist the Red man or those of Red inheritance to recover their truth and ascend.

In the future, we see that there shall be no humans remaining who are devoid of ongoing communication with the realms of Spirit. Our channel did not naturally hear Spirit, but studied with those of such gifts of clairvoyance and telepathy, and opened up to such gifts and talents over time. We guide those of spiritual pursuits to likewise develop such skills, for it is only in hearing the messages of Spirit that ones can find their way “home”.

What is “home”?

Home is unity. Home is inner peace. Home is a dance in which all species share in the abundance of the Earth Mother. Unity is only entered into as one ascends up in vibration toward the fifth world, and one can only ascend if they open the doorway to their Inner Knowing and follow their internal Guidance through the maze of illusion and out of the dance of separation. This requires the ability to hear the Spirit realms. There is no other way, beloved.

You are loved deeply. When you weep, we weep with you. When you are punished, we feel the punishment as if it were our own. Each species feels the pain that mankind is in and inflicts upon one another in the lack of understanding and awareness.

It is because we are in the Oneness that we feel your pain, as you are not separate from us in our experience. All species upon Earth co-create an intricate dance of energy in which all energies are shared. Therefore we are not exempt from the pain that you are in.

Those who are ascending in human form are beginning to enter a state of joy. We feel their joy, and we see that light at the end of the tunnel of darkness, for one day there shall be no human remaining left in pain. This shall be a wondrous event indeed, for as the last human in pain either ascends into the joy or dies, all kingdoms shall expand into an ongoing and everlasting state of Unity, Oneness, and Joy!

These are grand times ahead, indeed.

We do not blame mankind for their lack of awareness. We take responsibility for how our species and all species upon Earth were manipulated and duped by the Dark into giving our information away. In the loss of information to sustain the vibration of joy, the joy left Earth. This occurred long before mankind was seeded, and therefore mankind is not responsible for the initial loss of joy upon Earth. However, as mankind arrived, the human species entered a dance that was far more disastrous and painful than if no humans came at all.

Mankind has the gift of two legs and two hands, and the mental abilities to develop technology. Such technology can be used to support a planet, such as Earth, in wondrous ways. Or it can likewise be used to destroy Earth in a most devastating manner.

As the Sirian humans arrived, they built ice shields around Earth to protect Earth from harmful radiation emanating from your Sun. At that time there were no oceans; the oceans were suspended as ice, high in the atmosphere. Such shields indeed allowed for a rise in vibration and the beginning of the return of joy to Earth in the early part of the Red man’s presence.

However, the Pleiadians arrived and bartered away the large mineral clusters and gold once prevalent upon Earth that held the ice shields in place. They took such crystals in their craft to their own star system for their own use. As enough of such minerals were taken, the ice collapsed into the “great floods”—becoming your oceans and drowning large populations of the Red man, along with all species upon Earth.

The Pleiadians took off in their craft and were not harmed themselves by the floods. The Red man had not such craft to escape in, as their race did not believe in such necessities. After all, Earth is a large spacecraft, in and of itself, that supplies each species with all that is needed in order to survive and evolve. Why would the Red man require spacecraft, therefore? And so such technology returned to Sirius as the seeding was complete.

The subsequent radiation from the Sun, hitting the Red man without the ice shields, was great. It caused a decrease in life span and consciousness over time.

Furthermore, the Pleiadians experimented upon the Red man in their laboratories. This brought all species upon Earth great pain, as such experimentation was not in alignment with Earth or the purpose for the original seeding of the Red race. Their experimentation destroyed the unity that the Red man knew by putting the Red man in fear.

Much like the current experimentation of mankind by the Grays, which puts humans in terror of being abducted, so the Red man went into fear: fear of being captured and treated with great indignity as a laboratory experiment. The experimentation upon the Red man shattered the whole of unity of all species of Earth, for when one species falls out of unity, all species experience the pain of the separation. And we, of the Buffalo species, likewise went into great pain and suffering along with the Red man.

Why would another human race run scientific experiments upon other humans? Ah, this is a sad thing indeed.

Much like your current scientists, such humans were in search of understanding. Such understanding would be freely given if they connected to the realms of Spirit. But just like humanity today, the Pleiadians had lost their ability to communicate directly with the world of Spirit, or they would not have needed to experiment as they did. In their experimentation, the Pleiadians raped the Red man of their knowledge, and utilized such knowledge for their own purposes of immortality.

Why would the Pleiadians desire immortality?

It was from the lack of being able to hear the realms of Spirit that any species would wish to extend their life forever and become “immortal”. The desire for immortality occurs as one learns to fear death. The fear of death only occurs as one ceases to communicate with Spirit and the realms beyond the physical, therefore ceasing to believe that the nonphysical exists. When the nonphysical ceases to exist, one also fails to remember the purpose for which form has been created, which is for Spirit to evolve.

Spirit knows not death. Spirit is eternal. The body may come and go, but Spirit remains. Therefore, no Spirit would wish to retain the same body forever! Forms change to allow for Spirit to gain another understanding of another dance. Each form has a unique type of dance that, when experienced, creates a new and unique understanding for Spirit.

It was from the fear of death that the Pleiadians experimented upon the Red race in order to extend their own lives to try and become immortal. It is also out of the desire for immortality that the Pleiadians took all of the Red race’s knowledge, causing a great fall in consciousness for the seeded humans thereafter.

This is the “fall” out of paradise, the “fall out of Eden” that humanity recalls. And indeed it was a painful experience, not only for the Red race, but for all species upon Earth, including Buffalo, for we are all One.

In harmony and unity, all information is shared. In harmony and unity, there is no reason not to share all information. The Red man lived in harmony, and shared all of their knowledge with all species upon Earth, including the Pleiadian race as they arrived. The Pleiadian race, in not acting from unity, took the information that the Red man freely shared and hoarded it for themselves.

Why would any race not share? Why would any race hoard resources such as information for evolution for their own use only? All planets and stars must evolve, and this requires the information to ascend. Therefore, what purpose does hoarding knowledge serve when the failure of one ascension insures the failure of another, including the Pleiadians themselves?

The Pleiadians had fallen so low in consciousness that they, like mankind in present time, did not understand the dance of evolution. In so misunderstanding the dance of evolution and Spirit with form, they took without consideration of the evolution of another race of humans and the planet that they resided upon.

The Pleiadians were in fear of a potential “threat” of another race of humans, such as the Red man from Earth, gaining dominion over the Pleiades. And so the Pleiadians stripped the Red man and Earth of all spiritual knowledge so that they could not longer be a potential threat.

Such is the nature of the dance of fear. In so doing, the Pleiadians also caused all species upon Earth to fall so radically in consciousness, including mankind, that the Pleiadians now have incurred great karma for themselves. For they have stripped so much of Earth’s resources that Earth’s ascension became obstructed.

It was out of the loss of harmony—from the fall in consciousness of the Red race in the stripping of their knowledge by the Pleiadian race—that wars broke out amongst humans. Such wars were small at first, and did not disturb the other species upon Earth. However, technology was brought in that was devastating and was nuclear in nature. The Pleiadians wished to insure their dominion over Earth and imported such nuclear technology.

At first such technology was experimented with under the land, much like the nuclear testing in present time. Such explosions not only forced the plates of Earth to move to an excess, creating mountains where they had not been before, but put the land of Earth in great pain. Such pain ripped through all species, including Buffalo, with sharp blasts of energy that tore up our etheric bodies. Such blasts of energy also tore up the human species in the etheric, which yet again experienced another subsequent fall in consciousness.

The warfare continued and resulted in a nuclear catastrophe that distorted all life upon Earth. The Pleiadians themselves suffered not from such destruction. They pulled away from Earth before the blasts went off. They destroyed Earth from afar, in their craft, as if Earth was to be used for such purposes.

In the end, the Intergalactic Council forced the Pleiadian race to retreat. However, they were not forced to rectify what they had done to Earth and to the seeded Red man.

Additionally, they left large populations of a paired-down replica of the Pleiadian race themselves, which had been created in their laboratories as slaves. This is the origin of the current White man upon Earth.

This catastrophe is far greater than any that has occurred since, and involved two very large nuclear bombs dropped upon Earth in two key positions, causing an “ice age”. This ice age killed most of the Buffalo species upon the land. The few who survived later multiplied, filling in the numbers of our herds. The few of the Red man remaining lived in caves and resorted to hunting our species for survival. Buffalo gladly sacrificed themselves so that our Red human brothers and sisters could survive, and such hunting was done in honor.

In a state of honor, Spirit retracts, knowing that it is sacrificing itself, and feels not the pain. In honor, Spirit honors Spirit, and the Spirit of man honored the Spirit of Buffalo, who sacrificed themselves out of the love of all and the principles of unity. For in spite of the fall, the Red race remembered the original seeded principles that they had been gifted with.

In the principles of unity, one acts out of the greater good of the whole. In the greater good of the whole, all kingdoms pulled together to survive. Some species began to sacrifice themselves to one another to insure the survival of all species upon Earth.

Prior to this nuclear travesty, there was no need for the animal kingdoms to consume one another. As most vegetation died, due to the nuclear winter, some kingdoms agreed to sacrifice themselves for yet others so that all could survive. However, the cause of the need for such forms of mutilation or consumption for survival was the result of the Blue race of mankind and their warfare.

Such destruction has repeated again and again in your human history.

Although the Pleiadians retracted some 30,000 years ago (120,000 human years) [Editor’s Note: I think this means that the original Red man was seeded here on Earth 120,000 years ago and lived peacefully for some time before the arrival of the renegade Pleiadians, who then were forced to depart about 30,000 years ago.], there have been two major human civilizations that have risen and repeated the exact outcome of the Pleiadian reign of Earth. Each civilization has risen, developed technology that has polluted Earth, and ended in a nuclear devastation.

Each rise and fall of mankind has caused Earth yet another fall in frequency, yet another fall in genetic structure, yet another fall in consciousness. Each rise in civilization has caused the White man to dominate and “take over” the Red man’s land. Each rise in civilization repeated, yet again, the same dance that had transpired before.

You stand upon a brink of another time, another rise of civilization, the development of nuclear armaments, and the potential future of another war, another annihilation, another disaster. And this time Earth shall lose her opportunity to ascend altogether. For this is the last gate, the last opportunity. One more travesty and the vibration of Earth will fall too low to be rectified. This is perhaps the most important concept to grasp, and why we, the Buffalo species, are communicating this through our channel.

And what then? What if there is a nuclear devastation ahead?

Well, Spirit has no use for form if form cannot evolve. The purpose of Spirit is to dance with form so that Spirit and form may evolve together. If Spirit cannot evolve through form, it shall retract. The Nature kingdoms shall not quarrel with this. All species upon Earth—all birds, plants, animals, minerals, dolphins, whales—shall become extinct. For it is Spirit-in-form that continues the dance of life. Without Spirit there is not life, although humanity believes otherwise. Within 1000 years, following the next nuclear disaster, there shall be no remaining life upon Earth, except perhaps for mankind, for all species shall become extinct.

And why would mankind survive? Well, mankind could devise a method of survival from the eating of their own flesh. For this would be the only flesh left. However, humanity would be devoid of Soul, devoid of Spirit, a living machine if you will. For Spirit wishes to evolve, Spirit wishes to ascend, Spirit has no use for form that chooses another dance or the dance of non-evolution. Spirit would withdraw from the dance with all humans under such a circumstance.

Indeed, recent records reveal that the species known as the Grays and Reptilians survived such an experience in their own solar systems by eating of their own unborn fetuses. This is how the Grays and Reptilians lost their Soul; their Soul retracted when they chose not to ascend and created an environment in which their own planet could not ascend. Each Soul of each species upon their own planet withdrew, and all species became extinct over time. And so Earth shall just repeat what has happened before if a nuclear disaster manifests yet again.

In the greater understanding of the travesty ahead, Buffalo asks human brothers and sisters to WAKE UP! The potential for a disaster ahead is real. The only manner in which such a disaster would be avoided is if the karma for all like occurrences in prior times for the human species is released in full. Karma creates a record, much like any recording device, that causes the same pattern to be repeated again and again. The only manner in which the record can be changed is through ascension.

In ascension, the vibration increases. In the increased vibration, the quickening of movement of the molecular structure allows for the records to be reviewed and then released and erased for good. As all records for warfare are released and erased, global peace and Earth’s ascension shall be an assured future—rather than her annihilation and subsequent extinction of all species. Such records must be released from the land upon which such warfare occurred, and this occurs as Earth continues to rise in vibration.

Each species, including mankind, must likewise release their records for warfare in order for Global Peace to become assured.

Ascension brings forth the restructuring of the lineages back in time for the human dance. As enough humans ascend, they shall release the karma for all human lineages that have ever existed upon Earth. For our channel, she is gathering a group that represents all human lineages that have ever existed upon Earth for the purpose of human karmic release. Those joining them know inside of their hearts that they are incarnate upon Earth to serve a special purpose. Those who gather do so for the purpose of releasing all human karma so that a new era of joy and peace may be born in Earth’s future.

Buffalo takes a stand for PEACE. It is only if global war does not occur that Earth’s ascension and future evolution can come forth. The history of mankind has already played itself out three times. There is nothing new to learn from this dance from the point of view of Spirit. IT IS TIME TO EVOLVE OUT OF THIS DANCE! And this requires more humans to intend to evolve out of it, to intend to ascend.

Ascension lifts one out of the paradigm of cause and effect. The cause of the need to settle human disputes through warfare is an ancient one and deeply embedded in the human genetic records. It is for this reason that such incidents play themselves out again and again, rather than humans of different preferences coming to understanding and settling their disputes in another manner.

As humans ascend, the genetic records are released and erased, allowing a new dance to be born. And this new dance indeed shall bring forth a return to unity of all species upon Earth in due course—provided a nuclear travesty is not manifested in its place.

For those who are ascending, and committing to their journey, we wish you to understand the nature of Spirit.

Mankind is focused upon things that Spirit has no interest in. Spirit only has interest in evolution. Spirit has interest in releasing patterns, transmuting the past, and embracing a new thought-form of unity. Preoccupations—such as financial gain, technological development, property ownership, and narcissistic forms of pleasure and consumerism that harm Earth’s surface with toxic waste production—hold no interest for Spirit.

Spirit does not perceive that one requires a fortune to ascend. Spirit does not require one to purchase a home someplace “quiet” or “in a spiritual community” in order to ascend. Spirit does not require one to go to India and find a guru to study with in order to ascend.

Instead, Spirit asks that each human focus inward and choose to evolve, choose to transcend and ascend. And Spirit asks that each listen within and follow their internal Guidance and Leading implicitly.

Spirit asks that humans drop their preoccupations that distract and distort the choice to ascend, such as artificial forms of entertainment. The vibrations created through such technology interfere with the communication between the Spirit and the form. As one moves out into Nature, away from the density and electricity of your cities, one shall more readily tune into the guidance of Spirit. Then the guidance from Spirit can lead one “home”.

The Red man understands this. The Red man knows that the Red Road is a road of simplicity. In the simplicity, one lives a simple life in which one takes only what one can use, and one gives to others that which they cannot use. It is only as one comes into balance with such things that one can enter “heaven” or a state of Unity. And this the Red man remembers.

Simplicity is a lifestyle devoid of possessions that are accumulated, devoid of ownership of the land. Simplicity allows only those things required to evolve and ascend to be retained, and gives all other things away. Simplicity does not require a job earning $60,000 per year to sustain oneself. Simplicity requires simple work that honors—honors oneself, honors one another, and honors all kingdoms upon Earth.

For our channel, the teaching, healing, and workshops provide just enough to cover living expenses. She and her beloved Oa own nothing except the clothes upon their back. They freely travel, as Spirit guides them, wherever they are needed to hold space for Earth’s ascension. They freely travel to gather with others who perhaps could not travel to spend time with them in Hawaii, where they live. Such is the life of one who is devoted to the purposes of Spirit.

For many studying with our channel, they too are leaving their possessions behind, and embarking upon a lifestyle and work that supports their choice to ascend. Often this is the path of the healer or teacher, as such work allows one to assist other humans in becoming aware of that which perhaps they would not understand without a bridge.

Much like our channel, who is the bridge for our communications as Buffalo, those who are ascending and becoming tuned to the world of Spirit can become a bridge for others to hear the message of their own Soul. Such work supports human ascension and therefore supports Earth in her choice to ascend.

Such work is one path of a simple life, but not the only path. It is up to each human to devise his or her own path “home”.

Buffalo wishes to remind humans that technology pollutes; it pollutes in a multitude of manners. It pollutes the waterways that one drinks from, and it pollutes the energy surrounding one’s field. The electrical and radioactive devices that are commonly utilized and most strongly present in the density of your cities are toxic to the energy field of both mankind and Earth. They are also toxic to the energy field of the human form that is choosing to ascend. Buffalo therefore guides humans devoted to their evolution to retreat from the cities and into the country, and live a simple life that supports one’s evolution, and leave behind such technology.

Evolution takes time and focus. Evolution will never occur by itself, for this defeats the purpose of being a conscious species. Humanity is a conscious species, and therefore is designed to consciously choose to evolve and to consciously experience their evolution.

Consciously experiencing one’s evolution requires opening to the communication of the Spirit realms and taking time for such communications each day. A simple life with ample spare time to focus upon the inner work of ascension becomes imperative to those who are ascending in human form—lest they lose their way and fail to return “home”.

Change is frightening to the human species. Most humans remain, their entire life, in a 50-mile radius from where they were born. Humans are most comfortable in environments that they know. However, our channel and Oa will tell you, from their world travels, that there are not many places upon Earth that do not resemble where they too have lived most of their lives.

And so Buffalo suggests that you release the fear and move where you need to be to support your evolution. Buffalo also suggests watching a sunset or listening to a rushing stream or the wind through the pine trees instead of the television or the radio. Inside of such experiences shall be the messages of Spirit, which shall guide you “home”.

How does Spirit speak? Spirit speaks through one’s innermost thoughts. Humanity has not really lost the ability to speak to the Spirit realms, but rather “tunes it out” in their focus upon the mundane.

Why is this so?

Well, sometimes the communications from Spirit are judgmental, condescending, or abusive in nature. This is where such difficult thoughts come from, and humanity believes that they are evil for having such thoughts! This is a great lie and Buffalo is happy to shed light upon this: Such thoughts are not from Spirit of the “Light”, but rather are from Spirit of the “Dark”. Such Dark Spirits are only fractured Souls who have lost their way, beloved.

Our channel learned long ago simply to send such Spirits-of-the-Dark to the Sun. In so doing, they have an opportunity to heal and take their next evolutionary step.

Sometimes humans are terrified of such Dark Spirits. Often children experience such frightening things before they have developed the ability to language. Such experiences of Spirit are so frightening that they determine that they shall never communicate with the world of Spirit again. Oftentimes such decisions are made before the age of 2.

We guide our human brothers and sisters to heal such fear of the realm of Spirit. In so understanding that the Dark are simply lost, and in sending them to the Sun with your thoughts, it shall allow them to return to the Light.

One can cease to be afraid of the nonphysical realms ever again. And this too is required, beloved, for how else are you or any human going to find your way home? It is Soul that evolves form. If the human consciousness cannot hear the messages coming from Soul, how is the form going to evolve? And so we guide each to turn inward, open to the realm of Spirit, and be not afraid.

Upon such realms you shall also find all other species, including Buffalo. We shall appear to you as we look in the physical, although we shall be nonphysical. Once we appeared to our scribe, long ago, and she “smelled Buffalo”. She actually could physically smell our presence as if we were nearby—and alas, she was in the middle of the density of a California suburb, and therefore this was not possible. In so smelling Buffalo, she could understand that we were present, and turn her attention to communicating with us. And this is when our Guidance of her path of ascension began.

We have agreements to support the evolution and awakening of many in human form. We invite you to call upon us as you open to the realms of Spirit.

The world of Spirit can be confusing, and there are those in Spirit form who wish to trick those in human form into non-evolution. Why would they do so? Simply because they too are afraid of evolving, much like the human species at large. Send such Spirits to the Sun so that they can evolve, and they shall cease to manipulate or bother those attuning to the inner world.

The inner world is different for every human; however, it is fully of your own creation. Therefore, upon the inner world one shall experience one’s own thought-forms, one’s own manifestations, one’s own non-physical lives. Each human has many nonphysical lives that are lived in parallel to your physical existence. Such parallel lives hold keys to your evolution as they are tapped into. As such parallel lives are understood, they cease to be necessary to continue to exist, and the gifts and talents expressed therein can move to the physical plane.

The physical plane fractured in the numerous drops in vibration in consciousness. In the fracturing, pieces of oneself and one’s Soul became trapped upon other planes and separated off from one’s consciousness. This is what the “unconscious” is—parts of Self that have been fractured and held within another plane of reality. Each plane of reality is layered around Earth like an onion. As one tunes into the inner world, one shall become familiar with themselves upon other planes of reality, and then choose to “ascend” from such planes and become whole and One again.

Oneness is an internal state of being. Oneness comes as more parts of Soul, that fractured off in the many falls in vibration, return again to the whole of whom you are. Sometimes such pieces of Soul can be trapped in great pain, and one cries or processes the emotions as the pieces and parts return. Yet other pieces can be fractured in yet other emotions such as shame, pain, anger, or fear. As one allows the emotions to be felt, they release, and as they release, one “feels better”. One feels better because one has now integrated a lost part of oneself and has become more “whole”.

Some have called this process “Soul retrieval”. In reality, ascension brings about the retrieval of all parts of Soul that fractured off over time within one’s ancestry. Therefore, ascension and Soul retrieval are one and the same.

Some think: “Oh, I’ve retrieved all my Soul! I am whole!” My dears, there is so much Soul to retrieve, to enter the fifth world and next dimension, that you shall be retrieving Soul for upwards of the next 100 years! And so, do not stop; keep going, keep returning to the wholeness and Oneness that is possible in the act of choosing to evolve, choosing to ascend.

As enough wholeness is retrieved and reunited, one enters the dance of unity with all species upon a full-time basis! And this is indeed returning “home”, returning to the “Oneness”, anchoring “heaven upon Earth”! It is as unity is entered that one also lives in peace. It is as enough humans live in peace that peace upon Earth becomes possible, and this requires many more humans to ascend than are currently moving forth. And so we ask you to wake up, begin this process of evolution—for it is what the human dance upon Earth was designed for.

As humans learn to tune inward and hear the messages of Spirit, the need for the technology that you so rely upon shall disappear. Why would one need to listen to the “news” if they could hear the news upon the inner planes of reality that surround Earth? Such inner-plane news encompasses far more than the human dance; why, it speaks about the relationship of all species upon Earth, along with all stars and galaxies that Earth is related to! And this is much more expansive than the current human television.

And why did humanity develop the news anyway? As humanity lost the ability to hear the news of Spirit by tuning into the inner world, they devised a replica of such abilities. As a matter of fact, most forms of entertainment or communication are all the result of replicating internal abilities that were once a part of the seeded Red race but were lost over time.

Once, the Red race tuned into dreamtime and heard all planetary news as it occurred upon an ongoing basis. Once, the Red man could use telepathy to communicate with any other member of the race, regardless of how far away. Once, the Red man could communicate with all species upon Earth to understand their nature and be guided as to what was required to insure their own survival.

There was no need for television, telephones, radios, or transportation. The Red man could consciously project anywhere that he or she wished to be! There was also no need for “science” as you know it, for any knowledge wished to be understood could be attained direct from the kingdoms governing such things through direct communication with the realm of Spirit.

For each choosing to ascend and evolve, and choosing to open to the realms of Spirit, such things shall also be granted to you. In so doing, there shall be no need for the toxic technology that now pollutes Earth and destroys her energy field.

In ascending and entering Unity, there is no desire to quarrel or war with anyone. As the last human ascends into Unity, peace shall be experienced again upon Earth, just as long ago, before the arrival of the Pleiadian White man. And this shall be a grand time indeed!

Now is the time to awaken and move forth, beloved. Earth needs you to fulfill upon the purpose that mankind walks upon the land. That purpose is to serve Earth through the choice to ascend and evolve, thereby supporting Earth’s choice to evolve and ascend.

It is time now to open to the realms of Spirit, heal the falls in consciousness experienced by your own ancestors, and enter the Unity in wholeness again. As enough humans accomplish this task, Earth’s ascension becomes an assured future, rather than experiencing her annihilation. And the last potential nuclear World War shall be avoided in full.

Until our next communication, Namaste.

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