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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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The Play Is Moving Toward A Grand Awakening

Good evening, my scribe. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the Light of Creator Source—The One Light. Be still and know peace within your heart, and that these words are offered in Love to you ones.

Great steps are underway to relinquish the newly “elected” president of his ascension to the puppet head of the United States government. The efforts will not bear fruit, but this one will not, in all probability, finish his elected term in office. There are great factions now competing for control of the puppet strings attached to the figurehead elect.

A lot of bloodshed will ensue in the following months and years, and the “popularity” of the new president will give rise to great inner unrest among the American people. The new puppet will try to break free from the manipulations and controlling reach of the puppet masters—not realizing that one of the “strings” are tied firmly around his neck. If he squirms too much, he’ll “hang” himself.

Such is the nature of the games being played at the high-stakes level of global politics. NOTHING is quite what it seems to be. Though the election scenario was orchestrated and planned in minute detail, the opposing faction did try desperately to thwart Bush Junior’s rise to his throne at the last “minute”. It is planned that these ones will be “dealt” with, and in doing so will ignite great pressures on the Office of the President of the United States as it now exists.

Remember, please, the past lessons wherein we spoke of changing the Constitution Of The United States Of America. These plans are now being perfected in a manner that will greatly affect the future of your nation. The close election, as we stated prior, is simply an excuse to OPEN the Constitution.

Prior to opening the Constitution, it is planned to portray Bush as an unstable leader and, through well orchestrated events, manipulate public opinion in such a manner as to have the majority believing that it is in the best interest of the country’s future to change the legislative structure of the presidential hierarchy.

In essence, the plan is to “show” the public that the evolving “new world” scene is far too complex for any one person to be reasonably responsible for the many avenues of “expertise” now currently required by the Office of President of the United States. It will be proposed that there should be TWO Presidents of the United States. One would oversee Domestic Affairs, while the other deals with International Affairs. Another way to look at this would be to see one as the person who keeps the citizens of the United States under control (Martial Law if need be), while the other keeps control over the military forces of your nation as they pertain to “managing” world “peace”.

What does all this mean? It means that there is a great need perceived by the so-called “elite” controllers of your world to further “manage” (suppress the freedoms of) you-the-people of the United States, and further reduce your ability to express yourselves as a sovereign people. In essence, it is the first step toward returning your country to an open dictatorial rule such as preceded your Revolutionary War. It would be the desire of these so-called “elite” ones to erase all mention of the freedoms allotted in your Constitution, for they serve as a reminder of what you once had.

These controlling ones will not be successful in their plans, for they are plowing full speed ahead with “blinders” on, and see not the Bigger Picture of Awakening that is unfolding. If these ones think they have difficulty now keeping psychic information (channeled or otherwise) under control, they haven’t seen anything yet.

Many of you very ones who read these messages are beginning to recognize that YOU too have the ability to see beyond the physical senses. Likewise there are MANY others who, though they may know little of “psychic” phenomena, are beginning to trust their “instincts” (gut feelings or psychic senses) and are following what they sense is the Truth behind the façade that is being shoved down their throats.

Many of you are asking for an exact timeline of when to expect these unfolding events. Dear ones, we can discern certain mathematical probabilities and make predictions based on what we see coming down out of the “aethers” prior to physical manifestation. However, there can ALWAYS be (and usually are) last minute changes based on individual free-will choice. The probability will be that within the next 2-4 years you will have widespread proof of the intent to overthrow your country’s basic constitutional structure.

[Editor’s Note: The tragic mass-manipulation events that began on September 11, 2001—astutely recognized by some as “America’s second Pearl Harbor”— resulted, for a while at least, in sweeping public acceptance of such freedom-robbing shenanigans as the Patriot Act. But, as the years have gone by, more ones are indeed awakening to the long parade of deceits aimed at squashing our Constitution Of The United States Of America—so much so that, one day soon, the angry backlash that’s building will be impossible to contain.]

Again, I must reiterate that this WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL. Your Founding Fathers held strong in their hearts a healthy respect for God and the need to be free—not just free from religious persecution, but free to live as your heart (Inner Guidance) directs.

These men, though not perfect in their thinking, were INSPIRED to guarantee basic human rights and freedoms TO ALL MEN AND WOMEN. The ones who wish to change the course of your nation back toward slavery are up against a Great Unseen Force—called the Human Spirit.

All ones desire FREEDOM from oppression of any sort, no matter how slight or how large. If parents try to rule their child’s life with an iron fist or a subtle manipulation through playing on fears or desires, the result is almost always the same—REBELLION! At best your so-called “elite” would-be controllers view the average person as little more than an ignorant child; at worst you are regarded as animals, there to be the “beasts of burden” for these “elite”.

Let me assure you that these misguided ones will not know what to do when the eyes of the sleeping masses pop open, as if all at once, and there is no place they can hide where they will not be discovered for who and what they really are.

Allow for the many unfolding dramas to play out in their proper sequence. Many ones camped out to witness “history in the making” when the U.S. Supreme Court made it’s final ruling on the election issue. You ones have yet to see anything in its proper context if this is what you deem to be significant “history in the making”.

As always, with proper perspective and understanding you can and shall survive the coming times. You will always face choices along your current and subsequent journeys. If you remember to keep the highest ideal of God as an integral part of your plans, you will always be shown a way through. And, as always, the choice will be yours—to accept or reject the inspiration offered to you via the many routes, such as this very one.

It is God’s desire that you each find your own way, and in your own time, and of your own free will to choose as you see fit. We who respond to the calls of the heart for Assistance and Guidance do so out of Love, Compassion, and Understanding of the path you are now on, for we too have traveled the physical roads of “life” and we too came to the conclusion that there was wisdom in asking for Higher Guidance along our journeys.

Please know that you are NEVER alone and that each of you have Angels and Guides who watch over you constantly. Even those who choose the role of oppressor have Angels and Guides who continually offer to them, in Love, a better way of alternative choices.

Be thankful for the unique opportunities that now exist on your planet, for there will never again be this exact interchange or unique atmosphere for expression. Similar situations may well unfold in other times and on other worlds, but none will be exactly the same as this one.

Enjoy the uniqueness that every moment has to offer. Many of you ones long for the “simpler” times of yesteryear, when your children were small and curious and relied upon you for guidance and help, or when you fell in love for the first time. And yet, with each passing day, those unique memories you cherish so deeply become more and more distant.

The uniqueness of such should be cherished but, likewise, so too should the uniqueness of EVERY day. If you do not currently get out of bed in great anticipation of the uniqueness that your day will bring to you, then you have not yet learned what it means to live life to the fullest. (Small children do this automatically—sometimes to the consternation of their parents who would like to have remained asleep for a while longer.) But fear not, for YOU WILL learn and experience for yourself what this means and what a true joy can be held in any given moment of any given day.

Allow for the many souls on your planet to find their own way, as you would want them to allow you to do the same. As your world continues to grow, ones will eventually learn to rely moreso on the wisdom of those who have advanced the farthest spiritually—rather than on those who have learned to lie and manipulate others with heartless tenacity.

Be not misled by this last statement, for many of your current “religious” leaders are among the greatest masters of manipulation and deceit. Please note that I used the word “religious” NOT “spiritual”.

Most truly spiritually advanced people are not very religious at all. They recognize that ALL ones are aspects of Creator God and that each has a unique destiny to experience, and therefore need not be distracted by another’s perception of the way they should “act” or “behave” in order to be seen favorably by some erroneous self-perception of God or His desires.

The true destiny of any given race of people is that of a self-governing collective who have learned and mastered the wisdom of following God’s laws. With such understanding will come what you ones may consider advanced technologies, if that be the desire, or perhaps great advancements in art and musical beauty, or whatever direction a societal group may choose to explore. Until such time as this realization becomes a part of the mass consciousness of mankind on your planet, there will continue to be wars, civil unrest, disease, famine and such.

Learn to rise above the would-be oppressors. Learn not to react as a child rebelling against the manipulation and control of overbearing parents. Rather, respond in love towards your less-spiritually-advanced “elite” brethren who actually and truly fear the awakening power within you, for they fear that you might use your God-power against them as they would surely do if they were in possession of same. Do you see that savages only think in terms of what they know? It can be difficult to bring these ones to a point of realization that there is indeed a better, more productive way to accomplish true inner and outer peace.

Warriors need battles to fight, else they feel no sense of purpose. There is truly only one “battle” that anyone can win, and that is the inner battle between the ego mindset and the Higher Spiritual Self. All others are but roll playing as you symbolically defeat your enemy in battle, only to find that you crave more battles. There is no satiating this urge when the answer is perceived to be external to self. Only when the individual realizes that the true battle is within, do they ever manage to make further progress in terms of soul growth. Such is the case with many of the so-called “elite” controllers of your world, as well as with many would-be controllers if they were given half a chance.

Rise above the need to do battle with these ones. Rather, I say again, counter their attacks with a strong conviction of Love. Draw upon your Inner Guidance for creative solutions to the problems these “control freaks” impose upon you. There is ALWAYS a solution and We of the Higher Realms stand ever ready to assist—if you but ask, and then listen.

Always remember that there is no “joy of battle” if the opponent does not fight back—and thus there is then no satisfaction of conquest to be had by these insane ones. The end result will be a very confused would-be conqueror who is left to struggle with the inner convictions that no longer hold true. This is the only way to truly win any sort of perceived “battle” with ones operating under such a limited mindset.

Dear brothers and sisters, look within for your own Inner Guidance on ANY issue that may concern you. YOU are just as much deserving as the next person to have direct inner counsel with Creator Source. Learn to partake of the inner gifts that are continually showered upon each of you. This is the most worthy endeavor you can undertake, especially for those of you who continually ask questions like: “What can I do to help?” or “What is my purpose here at this time?”


Go within and learn to recognize the Inner Guidance continually being offered. Learn to discern what your heart is trying to tell you when it aches for balance and reason. It is not magical or mystical, but rather, so much a part of you that you take it for granted in almost every case of those of you who try, but can’t seem to find, the Inner Guidance of which I speak.


I take my leave now, for this has been a long day for this scribe and rest is in order. I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, and I leave you in the Light of Creator Source—The One Light.

May your heart show you that which you are longing to know, and may you have the strength and fortitude to follow your intuition when true need arises.

God bless you all! Salu.

A Call For World Peace
Look Within And Tap The Awesome Power Of ONE