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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Change Is A Natural Part Of God’s Thinking

[Editor’s Historical Note: It was in the pivotal 3/15/99 issue of CONTACT that the “bomb” was finally dropped to publicly expose the greatly deteriorated condition of Doris Ekker’s receiving abilities. This news shocked some CONTACT readers (the asleep or lazy ones) and caused many others to cheer (the awake and observant ones). Such a daring move soon resulted in a lock-out confrontation, a “parting of the ways”, and then the formation of a new, high-integrity publication called The SPECTRUM, about three months later, by some of what had been the core CONTACT staff.

For several months before this split, the beloved spiritual Messages regularly shared in CONTACT (but not received by Doris) were sprinkled with hints about the situation. However, even such subtle “exposure” caused a spooked Doris and E.J. Ekker to strongly request that CONTACT refrain from sharing any further spiritual Messages “for awhile”. Supposedly the spiritual Messages were eroding confidence in certain (shady?) financial dealings of theirs going on in the Philippines, where they had been residing (that is, hiding out) for over six months by that time—beyond what was originally supposed to be a few-week “business trip” in August of 1998.

But the spiritual Messages were meant for a worldwide audience of appreciative Ground Crew, and so, finally, enough was enough! So the 3/15/99 CONTACT, as part of its eye-opening exposé, shared 13 “revealing” Messages (including several that had previously been held back from publication) with a readership that was justifiably in a buzz after seeing the startling front-page headline that read: Ed Young “Fired” As CONTACT Chief. Now The Truth Shall Out.

These 13 exquisitely lesson-filled Messages were received by two superb receivers, both of whom, in their own way, had to long endure (and ultimately rise above) Doris Ekker’s bouts of jealous wrath directed toward any perceived intrusion on her self-proclaimed “territory”.

This present Message is chronologically #1 of the 13 total that were shared in that pivotal 3/15/99 issue of CONTACT. And what a blockbuster Message it was—because that was the first time that the ENTIRETY of a September 28, 1996 Writing was presented publicly.

When it was first received (by a scribe who has contributed many of the high-quality spiritual Messages for public distribution), that person was relatively new to the heavy responsibilities that come along with being a public receiver. So this receiver was understandably nervous when a “time to retire” Message from Commander Hatonn was instructed to be shared ASAP with Doris and E.J. Ekker.

At the time, the Ekkers asked that the Message remain private—and that too was understandable given its life-altering purpose! However, the Ekkers were soon in agreement that, except for the segment between the ***, it was a wonderful Message of general value to the reading audience. That abridged Message was included as Chapter 3 in volume I of WISDOM OF THE RAYS: The Masters Teach.

After both E.J. and Doris read this Writing, E.J.’s later private comment to the anxious receiver (with witnesses present around the speakerphone) was: “This is the best Hatonn Writing I have ever read!” The cautionary statement from Hatonn warning that “you could get quite bogged down” carries a deep poignancy considering the Ekkers’ decision to ignore Hatonn’s advice and thus continue to slowly degenerate to the point where drastic corrective measures had to finally be taken a few years later.]

* * *

Greetings, my scribe. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn. I come in the Oneness of Creator and Creation, that this Transition Project be completed in perfection.

We are at crossroads of change. This change is a transitionary point within the overall mission.

Ones are in great need for this change. Our faithful Lightworkers, especially the ones who have been fighting and persisting for years, are in need of rest. This Message is to allow those ones to recognize that, indeed, the rest is near.

No one needs to be alarmed. There is balance in all of those endeavors that are truly of God intent.

With the approach now of this transitionary crossroads, there is the possibility of confusion to you of the Ground Crew who have focused too much on Dharma [Doris Ekker], instead of the Message. Dharma is simply my scribe, my secretary. She has worked, literally, night and day with me and for me, in a most public capacity, for over ten years. She has no real privacy; her family life has suffered. She has given up much to fulfill her role. She has been under CONSTANT attack from those small-minded ones who attack out of ignorance and fear.

I, Hatonn, am not going to ask more of her. She has completed ALL that she had agreed to do—and MUCH, MUCH MORE! If she chooses not to write another public word from this day forward, know that she has more than completed that which she has come to do.


Be assured that she is not going anywhere at this time. She will have her rest. But, in time she will get bored, and will again realize that there is great joy in “retirement”.

None of the Lightworkers ever REALLY retire, you see. Like breathing, an inhale is always followed by an exhale. This is an opportunity for Dharma to relax and catch her breath. In doing so, she shall find the inner peace that shall allow her to rejuvenate her inner strength. Her fatigue is of a mental nature, which saps the physical body, thus causing a dwindling spiral effect.

When the mental viewpoint can be shifted away from those things which cause the mind the greatest concern, one can step outside of oneself and take a more objective viewpoint. This, in effect, frees up the necessary mental and emotional space in order to free oneself from the impact of inner frustrations and pains.

These are the challenges that stretch a souled being. Dharma has accepted her current job knowing full well that it would be ANYTHING BUT easy! She did, however, know that the experience would be quite fulfilling to the soul. She has untold riches in the many mansions of God!

Back to the crossroads mentioned above. Crossroads are where decisions must be made that affect one’s journey—to go in one direction or another. The choice is that of free will. Neither is right or wrong. Either choice shall lead you forward, and there is always the consideration that BOTH paths will eventually lead you home. Each path will have its challenges and its joys and its surprises along the way.

Keep in mind that you always carry the baggage from your current path of choice. This baggage may not be as impacting to you on one path, whereas on another, you could get quite bogged down. God shall give you the strength to accomplish EITHER choice, but be assured there shall ALWAYS be challenges that will stretch you.

What is this crossroad? This is a point where Dharma will begin to relinquish the myriads of responsibilities to those ones who have come up through the ranks and have proven that they CAN and DO handle responsibility in such a manner as to not need the constant babysitter.

This is NOT to say that she will just dump her load off onto another. This IS to say that it is time to loosen the grip on the reins enough so that others may have their opportunity to grow.

One person CANNOT do it all! Dharma would like to do everything for everyone, but that is simply impossible! Others are awakening to their mission and shall know what to do when they need to know. This Writing is as much a Writing to Dharma as it is to any of you readers. She needs her confirmations as do all of you.

* * *

I honor all of my team members who have persisted through and beyond that which can be expected of them. However, I know that you ones need these experiences that cause you to search deep within your souls to find those things which keep you from realizing your true Potential within the Oneness of Creator.

We of the Host have infinite patience for you who constantly seek to know and understand the workings of God’s thinking. As you begin to understand more and more, you shall begin to realize the simplicity in Creator’s thoughts. Complexity is merely a by-product of ignorance.

Ones feel that Creator must be so highly complex that no one could possibly understand Him. NO! Creator’s thinking is simplicity at its finest.

Know that there is only One Ultimate Reality, thus One Ultimate Truth. In the end, all will have come full circle. The alpha (beginning) and the omega (ending) shall face one another and you shall see the Oneness and Reality of the many third-dimensional experiences viewed as a whole cycle. At this point you ones will know the answers to all those questions prefaced with “Why...?”.

There are infinite cycles of growth within the mind projections of God. There are no limitations except those YOU place (or ALLOW to be placed) on selves. There are always Guides and Wayshowers provided for those of you who hear the call and desire to participate. We of the Host honor your choices, regardless of whether or not we agree with them. Each experience you choose can be turned into an opportunity for growth in one form or another.

Neither I, Hatonn, nor any of the Host of God, nor even God, expect you to be perfect in the third-dimensional experience. If you think that you must be perfect in order to be on my team, then you err GREATLY! You simply must have a desire to participate, for God forces NO ONE to do anything.

I understand the challenges facing you ones. The impact of daily living is quite harsh at this time. Tempers are going to flair. It is a matter of fact. However, I ask that you release the past. Do not hang onto your anger. That is the Adversary working on you through your ego. Forgive selves and others, and move on.

Those who would volunteer, yet are not really ready for THIS level of responsibility, will simply weed themselves from the mission. Those who endure (and pass) the testing experiences shall be systematically given more and more responsibility—but never more than they can handle, yet enough so that there is challenge and growth.

Remember that the primary reason for the third-dimensional experience is SPIRITUAL growth—NOT physical anything! I am only interested in those things that will allow your SOUL to expand.

Allow for your life’s experiences to unfold. Do not try to force an experience to conform to YOUR perception of reality, for in doing so you are, in effect, trying to force YOUR reality on another. Your perception of reality does not change the truth of it.

Allow each of your brothers and sisters to come into Knowing in their own unique way. Each has their own path which will ultimately lead them back to Creator. Each must do their own walking and choosing.

There shall be physically challenging times ahead for all. There are many opportunities to prepare for these challenges. These opportunities have and will continue to present themselves to you ones. The choices of what you do and how you use these opportunities (gifts) is entirely up to you. Go within and ask for Guidance within the Light and you shall be given that which you need.

The script of this play is forever changing in subtleness, yet the general story never changes. There is that which leads you closer to God, and that which pulls you away. The sum total of all your experiences has brought you to the point you are at this day.

You can see, by looking back into history (back in time), that life shall continue to move forward WITH OR WITHOUT your personal action. Nothing remains in a completely static (unchanging) condition.

Let us take, for example, a rock. It may just simply sit there, yet many things can and do happen which cause change: Rain, wind, sand, light, heat, cold, biological reactions and interactions, and so forth, can and do impact the existence of the rock. Yet, it just seemingly sits there and does nothing. All the while it is, in fact, in a constant, never-ending state of change, as is everything in Creation—for all is connected.

The very mission (purpose) of your soul is to reach out and explore and grow. This implies change. Change is a natural course of an evolving planet, soul, or universe.

Whether or not you take an ACTIVE role in this evolution, you shall still experience change. Taking an active role involves creating. Creativity is the act of bringing forth that which did not exist prior to the point of realization (or “materealization”).

You have the ability to be co-creators in this overall play. That is to say that you can change the script. This shall only happen if your ways or ideas are better than those which are now in place. These new ideas would most certainly be of a creative, inspired nature.

As you move forward in this mission, please keep in mind that there shall be realizations, and thus growth, for ALL involved. For those who refuse to see, know that their choice is one of reluctance due to ignorance of their own spiritual nature. Their future experiences shall be Guided so that they will have opportunity to confront those things that hold back their growth, which will then eventually pull them out of their self-imposed stagnation.

Keep in mind, also, that this is a time of instant karma. That is to say that ones shall have to face their indiscretions in a most abrupt and timely manner.

Find inner peace and balance, and cast off those things that you allow yourself to get angry about. The stagnation that you are in is only as bad as YOU perceive it to be.

The greatest trap is the self-imposed punishment for those things which were merely experiences so that you can have a measuring stick with which to gauge (measure) your own progress. You are the ones who beat selves up over past mistakes, not I nor God.

Be assured that the ones who have a conscience are the ones who punish themselves. Those without conscience (that is, who have a greatly diminished soul connection) are NOT deterred in reaching their goals. This is because they do not care how they reach their goals or who they hurt in the process.

Realize, please, the illusionary nature of your third-dimensional expression and that it is natural to make mistakes. It is also natural to forgive self and others for your and their mistakes. Always remember the lesson—and move on.

The opportunity to rebalance shall cycle back around and you will have opportunity to “get it right” eventually. Do not expect every opportunity to hit you upside the head. You must look for the opportunity and take action. Do the best that you are able to discern, and act in confidence.

God monitors heart intent. If the heart intent is correct, then your actions will reflect this in time.

You may not get it right the first time just because your intent is good. All things worth attaining take effort if they are to have true lasting value.

If you stay the course, you will find that you need every “mistake” in order to set the stage for new, sometimes bigger experiences and opportunities for growth. Thus even the perceived mistakes add to the spontaneity of expression (excitement). And each challenge presents newness of experience. This, in effect, brings about the JOY of experiencing that you ones look forward to.

If you worry constantly about doing the “right thing” to the point where it stops all action, then you have, in effect, short-circuited an opportunity for growth. Sometimes you need to make a large “mistake” in order to find out what NOT to do next time. Also, the experience shall provide insights into a better solution in the future.

Seemingly small experiences may be setting the stage for one of this life’s bigger challenges. This could be a challenge that has been following you around from lifetime to lifetime. You cannot know what is the “right” thing to do ALL the time. But if you ask with the heart, God shall send you what or who you need in order to assist you in finding your way.

All is as it should be! The radiant unfoldment in the third dimension is but a reflection of that which is truly real. Thought within Creator is real; all else is but a reflection of mirrors in a holographic play.

Ponder upon these words for they are the confirmations you ones need—if you but look closely at the wording and the intent.

Worry not about the messengers. Discern always the message.

Thank you. I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Friend and Wayshower. Salu.

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