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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Align Your Energies And Really Make A Difference

Good afternoon, my scribe and friend. I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the Radiant One Light of Father/Mother Source—Creator God.

Be still and find peace within. Visualize in your mind’s eye a brilliant White Light centered within you, radiating outward. See this White Light grow until it completely encapsulates the entire space you now occupy. This White Light is your protection from those ones who cast the “shadows” of doubt in your mind and cause you to dwell upon negative aspects when you would otherwise be actively creating positive energy flows.

A shadow can only be created by blocking light. When ones shift their point of view to that of a broader perspective, they will more easily see the cause of these “blockages” that, in turn, restrict the natural energy flows of love, peace, and joy.

The natural state of your being is one of great positive and vibrant energy. Ecstasy is perhaps the closest word you have that describes the natural state of your being.

When you ones enter into the physical realms, you do so knowing that there will be conditions attached to this choice that place self-imposed restrictions on your perceptual awareness while in the physical body. The choice to participate in a physical schoolroom like planet Earth is made from a much broader perspective that takes into account the elements of pain, frustration, confusion, and fear, along with all other lower-vibrational states. You choose to participate for various reasons, but the common choice-thread of all ones is connected with an innate desire to expand and grow in awareness of the Oneness from which we are all born.

This Oneness is The Creation. The Creation is the product of The Ultimate Source. Some aspects of The Creation have evolved in awareness to a point of being able to create and manage entire universes across an infinite frequency range of vibrational expression. You each are currently experiencing in one such creation. These more advanced aspects of The Creation are, in essence, the God of the creations they create and manage, and are expressing their understanding and desire for continual expansion of self.

The ecstasy of The Whole is borne from the subtle nuances of individual uniqueness, as dynamic interactions continually unfold that build upon one another so as to create newness of design.  Much like an artist can create infinite possible combinations of colors, shapes, and brush strokes, so too does the Designer and Overseer of your universe paint on the “canvas of life” with and through each and every one of His creations whom He breathed the breath of life into.

From the broader perspective, each of these highly advanced Entities connect to each other through a Primal Oneness. This Ultimate Oneness permeates All That Is and encapsulates it—not unlike a single-celled organism in which all parts of the whole contribute a vital role to the cell’s overall existence.

You each, as individuals experiencing, give richness to the overall state of ecstasy that all ones in their native (non-physical) state feel and appreciate. The pains and apparent sufferings of the physical eventually give rise to a higher level of appreciation and deeper sense of love.

With every challenge you ones encounter, you are faced with choices. Your lives unfold in varying directions as a result of the choices and decisions you make. Many of you undervalue (because you fail to see) the role you play in contributing to the overall state of joy of All That Is.

Creating “heaven on Earth” is achieved in those moments you feel joy in your heart. Joy is felt when your energies are over 50% aligned with the Oneness (or Will) of Creator Source. You align your energies by staying centered and connected within to the “spark” of Light that vibrates in perfect resonance with Source at all times. When you align more of your energies to this Primal Resonance, you naturally begin to feel more creative, enthusiastic, and energetic, and dispel lower-vibrational energies such as fear, doubt, anger, or pessimism.

The physical environment is full of many subtle distractions—such as bodily hunger, noises, temperature, and other similar sensations—that cause attention to be focused on and in the physical. The sum of the entire day’s distractions keeps most ones distracted enough to prevent them from aligning their energies over the 50% threshold for any appreciable amount of time, and thus a chronic state of unfulfillment, boredom, restlessness, or frustration results.

But—so too does a challenge arise from this restless condition that would not otherwise exist. This is a challenge to explore one’s own resolve, determination, and will to listen to that Small Voice Within and thereby rise above the mediocrity. The ever-present reward of such a deliberate focus is the joy that results from an inner sense of purpose and accomplishment.

The inner motivations common to all ones are ALL derived from seeking to connect to this Higher Sense of purposeful existence. All ones innately want to “make a difference”.

What is “making a difference”? It is a distinction, a variation, a change, diversity, newness.

Ones make a “difference” when they go within and creatively express themselves in a unique manner. Some ones do this with such a passion and determination as to disregard the consequences of their actions, and thus give little or no thought to the balance of their choices. Thus they create a seemingly negative result—such as disease, famine, and war.

The majority of those who regularly achieve a greater-than-50% alignment with The Oneness will naturally seek a creative outlet of beauty, peacefulness, and balance, so as to help others achieve a greater alignment within themselves. In this way all of The Creation grows and expands in a balanced and joyful manner.

Both aspects have their place in the overall “plan” of the schoolroom environment. Growth is achieved when the individuals choosing begin to see and understand the consequences of their actions.

Many of the more advanced students try to help the less aware travelers to see the Larger Picture and the consequences of actions taken—often to be met with a great resistance, as ones often do not want to feel as if they are accountable (answerable) for their actions to anyone. Yet, on a more basic level, these more out-of-balance ones are like all ones trying to “make a difference” and thus contribute value to the overall Whole.

When we of the Lighted Realms of Creation tell you that there are no wrong choices, but that there are, in almost every case, BETTER choices, we do so with full knowing of how the dynamic interchange of energy will, no matter what, lead to newness and growth. Therefore, we are very careful not to judge the individual, but rather the actions. In looking at the choices you ones make, we too learn from the consequences you create, and thus we grow along with you.

When you ones are experiencing less than happiness and joy, it is always due to an inner distraction that holds you “off purpose” so your energies are less than 50% aligned with that inner spark of Creator recognized as your Higher Self’s purpose. This distraction is something that you have chosen to focus your attention on, and is something that will eventually give rise to inner conviction and strength—once you come to understand what EXACTLY it is that causes you to hold your focus upon the preoccupation.

There are indeed several external factors at play at this time that make it increasingly more and more difficult for you ones to stay centered and focused upon holding to the larger principles of which I speak. Some will refer to these external factors as “spiritual warfare” because it seems, from your limited perspective, that some great Dark Force permeates all of Creation, trying to stop or control it.

This is not the case overall, however it can seem to be so due to the Dark Forces being so active at this time in your immediate physical environment. These are ones who choose to express their desire to “make a difference” by exerting their will over others. And some of these ones are quite advanced in their understanding of the nature and functioning of the non-physical realms which control the physical, as well as of their God-given right to express themselves as they so choose.

These Dark ones are those who, from the non-physical realms, project thoughts and ideas into the minds of the younger (less mature) participants in a physical environment and, among many other possibilities, may guide them into positions of leadership and control over large organizations and countries. Not all persons in leadership capacities are guided or overshadowed in this manner, but ALL become the focus of (or target for) such “assistance”.

This kind of “guidance” always comes with a price. The price is almost always “negative” in terms of what is measured in the physical realms as the amount of pain and suffering created.

These Dark ones, who use their knowledge to manipulate and control others for their own purposes, pay very close attention to those who would (if allowed to go unchecked) expose the games the Dark ones play. Thus the greatest threats to these “puppet masters” are those who bring forth the Higher Truth of how these Dark ones operate and how they impose their will upon others.

These Dark ones do not wish to have their effectiveness diminished, and therefore they quietly wait for the opportunity to “strike” and exact their influence upon a truthbringer, or the ones around such a Light—so as to create distraction, confusion, pain, and thus try to derail such a teacher from being effective at exposing their manipulation games.

Common clues are when family members and friends are turned against one another over very small issues; more often than not these will be simple mis-communications. What causes such mis-communications? Often a well-timed “strike” (distraction) from those of the Darkness in the form of an extra-dimensional projection of a thought aimed to exploit a personal doubt or insecurity. Sometimes the game IS this elaborate—especially if the stakes are high!

What can be done to avoid this sort of manipulation? Teaching ones to surround themselves with the inner Light of Creator Source helps ones to spot more clearly those crafty entities who wish to divert progress away from a Lighted path of purpose that “makes a difference”.

The Lighted path is always one of free-will choice of service to others. The opposite path is one where individuals allow themselves to be manipulated by Darkness—often not realizing that such is occurring, arguing that they are “free”, when in fact their “buttons” are being “pushed” in most subtle ways.

The majority of your population on schoolroom Earth remain consciously unaware of the true multi-dimensional nature of the Light/Dark dynamics at work which dictate the course of events on your planet as a consequence of choices being made. Thus, the majority of ones experiencing are not clearly on either path, but sort of “go along for the ride”. As they gain more and more experience, through the consequences of their choices, they eventually learn to differentiate, in their own unique way and in their own time, what path they would like to actively follow.

For the most part, the Dark (adversarial) entities pay less attention to those whom they view as being of little or no threat to their ability to manipulate from behind the scenes. But those of you who are aware of the manipulators, and try to awaken those around you, are the ones who begin to encounter the turbulence of discomfort from often the very ones you are trying to help.

To you I say: Hold strong to your Truth, and call upon the Lighted Realms for assistance, for we do not go where we are not welcome, nor do we force our thoughts into the minds of anyone. We adhere to a strict ethical code that honors the uniqueness of Creator in each individual. And to force our will upon another would suggest that Creator God has erred in judgment.

You each have a destiny to fulfill, and you each are uniquely suited to fulfill it. None can do “it” as well as you can, for you were created in complete perfection so as to complement ALL other aspects that make up The Whole.

Learn to trust yourself and your judgment. If uncertainty, confusion, or distraction is keeping you from feeling the inner joy you deserve, then take a moment to reaffirm your inner conviction to Creator God or to The Truth, and ask for Guidance. When you actively seek Guidance from the Lighted Realms, many unexpected doors open for you and the opportunities will present themselves.

Remember, please: You still have to choose to take advantage of an opportunity when it is presented. No one from the Lighted Realms is going to threaten or coerce you into doing so.

Learn to recognize the clues that are presented to you. Monitor your “gut feelings” and learn to interpret the signals—and perhaps more importantly, the SOURCE of the signals! Attentive individuals can learn to recognize the signals and signs of adversarial clues left by a “master manipulator” as easily as they can the joyous synchronicity of choosing to follow the intuition of Guidance offered in Love by an entity from the Lighted Realms.

May you each learn the value in protecting yourselves from any unwanted thought projections with a “Garment of Light”. Just as you might wear a coat in winter to protect from unwanted discomfort, so too can a visualization of Light—coming from within and surrounding your being—protect you from the discomforts of those who wish to distract you from fulfilling your purpose and achieving the joy you innately deserve.

Your world is entering a time of greater external distraction than it has know in any of your common recorded history. You ones will find it wise to diligently make an effort to stay centered and call upon we of the Lighted Realms for Guidance and Protection. To do so is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of wisdom. May you always choose your path with Love and Joy in your heart.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the One Light of Creator Source. Blessings, Peace, and Joy to you all! Salu.

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