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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Confirming The Inner Journey Of The Soul

Good afternoon, my scribe. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the Light of Creator Source. Be still and allow the Light to surround you and fill your space.

Thank you for sitting this day, for there are many ones who petition We of the Higher Realms for insight, guidance, and confirmation of what they themselves are “hearing”—sensing and feeling. To you diligent seekers who have taken our suggestions of learning to go within and “hearing” for yourselves, I thank you for putting forth energy in that direction.

When you ones align your intent toward connecting with the non-seen spirit world, you will naturally be causing energy shifts in and around you. At first these energy shifts may be hardly noticeable, but in time and with persistence (and yes, patience), you will find that you can and WILL become aware of these subtle energy shifts. And you will learn to recognize, in waking consciousness, the presence of the spirit realms.

We wish to communicate a general message that will not apply to all ones reading this. But the majority of you will understand.

Many of you are becoming more and more sensitive to the subtle energy shifts that occur PRIOR to the physical manifestation of events. These subtle “ripples” in the aethers come about as large amounts of mental and emotional energy are focused and aligned in a particular manner.

For example, let’s say you have a large Security Council meeting wherein many Generals, Admirals, and such are gathered, and the result of their meeting is a decision to escalate a war effort. At the point of agreement, you will have generated, in the energy space sometimes called “the aethers” (please see our prior messages on this subject), the beginning of a kind of avalanche.

As these ones go forth and begin issuing orders that will solidify (manifest) the idea into a physical reality, each step towards the implementation of the orders results in greater and greater momentum—or, to return to our analogy, the avalanche (of energies) begins to amplify and build upon itself as the movement of the “snow” continues down the “slope”.

Each action that manifests in physical space results from a precursor of energy in the non-physical realms of spirit (referred to here as the aethers). You, as individuals, have the ability to not only SENSE what is taking place in the aethers, but you also have the ability to MODIFY those energies.

Many of you who come from strong business backgrounds will remember the company meetings where a motivational speaker is hired to come in and get you all “pumped-up” and FOCUSED on a common goal. Or, when your manager stresses the importance of setting goals, going over them every day, and taking small action-oriented steps toward fulfilling those goals.

These are outward examples of what we speak of here. When you FOCUS your mental energy and emotional energy, you begin manifesting your desires in the physical. (Please be patient, for there is need to have some repetition as new readers of this information are being added all the time.)

As spiritual entities, you each have INFINITE potential to align energies in the aethers so as to manifest anything your heart desires. The purity and intensity of the desire will affect the manifestation time. Doubt, indecision, procrastination, and such are what cause your focus to “blur”. All these “de-focusing” elements are products of FEAR, and fear causes the individual energy centers of the body to go out of alignment (harmony) with each other.

Those of you who are taking ACTION toward learning to “hear” with the inner ears, and interpret the inner “gut” feelings on a regular basis, are aligning your energies in such a manner as to begin amplifying your abilities. Often the process seems relatively slow in relation to your perspective of time.

Just as a child grows a little each day, you will not perceive the changes on a day-to-day basis if you see the person every day. But the relative who only sees the child once or twice a year will make a startled comment regarding the physical growth of the individual.

Inner growth often occurs in much the same way. You, as spiritual beings, are infinite and ageless—regardless of your current physical condition. You each are seeking to grow in your understanding of the potential of your being.

In the physical domain, you have the opportunity to slow down the process so as to create conditions that will allow you to examine, in infinite detail, the dynamic interchange of energies created when several creative individuals come together for the purpose of expanding awareness. You each have to be responsible for the ACTIONS that you take; but more importantly, you must learn responsibility for the DECISIONS that precipitate your actions.

As you persist along the lines of understanding the nature of the spiritual path you are on, you will be given insights and experiences along your journey that will allow you to glimpse just how the next piece of the puzzle should be aligned. Some of you try to force the square peg through the round hole, over and over again, often because you are so close to a situation that you do not take the time to step back and attempt to keep the larger perspective in mind. This often leads to a stubbornness that will manifest as FRICTION in your various relationships.

The solution is to pull your attention back and shift your awareness to the larger picture: Appreciate that you are EACH Lighted Spiritual Beings, EQUALLY deserving of the Infinite Love of Creator, and you are each on a journey that is full of challenges that, when overcome, result in the much anticipated and desired JOY you deserve.

Often you will be so inwardly focused that it will result in you not having compassion for your fellow traveler, and you will choose to ignore an opportunity to help another. And therein you have missed an opportunity to BE HELPED through the return energy flow that is recognized as the Universal Law Of Giving And Receiving.

Giving, as in helping others, you will eventually learn, is the only way you will ever truly learn to help yourself.

Chronically angry persons, who seldom pause for a moment to see just how their actions affect others, will often find themselves very lonely and bitter, devoid of very many opportunities to express the love and passion they so desperately seek to express. This often leads to more and more loneliness and bitterness.

When you take the time to be kind and understanding toward others, you will often find multiple opportunities to express the all-important emotions of Love and Appreciation. Often, when you help others, they may be moved to reach out and give you a warm hug of appreciation. Those moments of appreciation and love are what bitter persons crave the most—while they dwell upon self pity.

Again: The energy you put out will be what comes back to you. If you are a chronic complainer, you will definitely be finding yourself with plenty to complain about. But just what is it that you are REALLY complaining about? Perhaps you are looking for attention, and for someone to say to you: “Look how aware you are to notice so much that is wrong in the world.” However, the recognition never seems to come, because most people don’t want to be around such negativity.

Now, if you were to focus your attention on the more positive aspects in life, and become the one who chronically notices and compliments others for the work they do, you will find that people enjoy being around you, and will often come to respect you for your awareness and the appreciation you GIVE them.

There is a balancing point to all things. Being aware that the glass is half empty is a good thing, but DWELLING on that negative aspect will only help to SOLIDIFY the negative aspect more fully in your mind, as well as with those around you. Dwelling on the positive, half-full aspect will help you, and others, to align energy in such a manner as to bring more of the positive into your life.

Some of you tend to oscillate like a yo-yo, up and down, from a positive attitude to a negative one, over and over. The next time you find yourself angry, take a moment to slow the whole process down and examine just what it is that you are angry about.

If your inclination is to place blame on another person, rather than yourself, then ask yourself: “What choices did I make that put me in this situation?” Find some part of your anger that you are willing to accept responsibility for.

If you are angry because you have told someone the same thing “a million times” and they don’t seem to ever listen, then perhaps you should take a moment to consider that perhaps your method of communicating is ineffective. Hint: People often TUNE OUT anger, and distance themselves from anything to do with it, mentally and emotionally. If you find yourself chronically YELLING, out of anger, then you can be pretty certain that your method of communicating is falling on “deaf” ears.

If you can accept even a small bit of responsibility for your anger, you will have opened the door and taken the first step toward ridding yourself of any and all anger. But YOU have to take that step; none can do it for you.

Let me return, again, to the main theme of this message: All experiences you ones have in the physical domain are precipitated by non-seen energy pulses. The more sensitive individuals (often referred to as psychics or mediums) have learned to interpret these signals. Many of you are in such a constant “wash” of strong emotional feelings and sensations so as to never take a moment to notice these more subtle “other” energies. However, there are many ones reading this whose emerging sensitivity toward the more subtle energies causes them to want confirmation of their interpretations of these subtle signals.

The interpretations will be somewhat subjective. If you have taken steps to call upon the guidance and protection of your Lighted Spirit Guides, and you have taken ample precautions not to be in a negative emotional state, then you should be able to trust your own interpretations.

The moment you doubt yourself, you diminish your ability to accurately interpret. This sounds like a “Catch 22” situation, but if you can just remain detached and receive your interpretation, write it down or record it, put a date on it and let it sit. Often you are tuning into what is “stirring” in the aethers, and therefore time is needed in order to have the confirmation you desire.

Most ones will find it easier to be objective when dealing with what is happening in other people’s space rather than their own, because often you are too close to your own “fanciful” desires, fears, and challenges to maintain certainty and objectivity on subjects that cause strong emotional reactions within you.

Try discerning for another with whom you regularly interact. If you do not feel comfortable telling them you are doing this, then don’t. You could make it a double-blind experiment and just trust that your Guides will give you ample clues that you are on the right track. Once you have learned to trust your abilities and intuitions, you will become more focused and aware of the subtle sensations, and eventually you will become objective enough to examine your own life.

The most important attitudes to remember are patience and persistence. After you plant a seed, you have to water it. After the sprout breaks through the ground, you have to STILL water it, and make sure it has the proper amount of sunlight. Now you have to allow the plant to mature, if you want to grow something that is self-perpetuating and self-sufficient. If you interrupt any part of the cycle, you will never get to the point of enjoying the many “fruits” of your labors.

Let me leave this here. I see that there are other matters which are in need of attention. I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the One Light of Creator Source. May you each find that which brings understanding, balance, and peace to your heart. Salu.

* * *

2/9/02 - Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

Good afternoon, my scribe. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the Light of Creator God. Be still and allow the energies to settle as we continue where we left off.

Many ones want to know if they are “hearing” correctly with respect to the inner communications that are being presented to them. I would like to continue our discussion a bit here.

As the information is coming in to you, try to be detached, more like an observer. Allow the words and phrases to come through—or if you are being shown images, effort to observe the images in great detail—without trying to analyze the meaning. With images, record a description in detail, so that you will be able to fully recall the image in your mind at a later time.

Often it is best to review the message received immediately afterward, and make any notes, additions, etc., as you may be inclined to do. Then let the message sit for a couple of days, and then review it again. Often, after some time has passed, the individual who brought through the message will have had experiences that will give new or slightly modified meaning to the message.

Sometimes it won’t even take a couple of days for your Guides to help you to bring about the subtle confirmations that you desire. Many times the scribe who pens these public messages will have some sort of confirmation before the end of the day in which a message is brought through! Sometimes it will be a “chance” telephone conversation wherein the very subject of a most recent writing will come up. The person on the other end will say something like “that sounds like it was written for me”.

If you are being shown images, symbols, or events in your mind, you would be wise to treat these in the same manner as you would if you were trying to interpret a dream. Record as much detail as you can recall, and then note your feelings associated with each part of the image(s) shown. Sometimes you will be shown symbols which key-in a certain emotional state; other times you may be given to see events that are unfolding or will be unfolding. Record the details, and if you do not understand what the message means, then ask for clarification and be patient. Often the meaning of all or part will come quite suddenly—when you’re least expecting it.

If you have ones around you who you feel comfortable sharing with, then tell them what you see, feel, or even smell. Often an objective perspective can be helpful since you may be unwilling to “look” at certain parts of the symbolism.

Your Guides work with you and will use symbols that are unique to you. A certain fragrance may remind you of your grandmother’s house when you were a child. The same fragrance may remind another of a summer picnic. Since YOU are the one being given the information, YOUR interpretation is the correct one and should be weighted more heavily than anyone else’s. When the correct interpretation crosses your path, you will experience that inner “Aha!” and know that you are hearing or perceiving correctly.

ALL ones have the ability to go within and connect with Higher Guidance. You do not have to wait to go see a medium or other kind of psychic.

Most often the gifted psychic is here to help the stubborn skeptics become aware of their own misperceptions. Often, when all other possible explanations have been discounted, the only thing left that makes sense 100% of the time is THE TRUTH.

Many ones hold strong to their “conventional” beliefs until there is so much evidence so as to make it foolish not to accept the actuality of the non-physical world. Your world is neither flat nor just merely spherical; it has, in fact, a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL nature wherein many levels (both physical and non-physical) are intermeshed with one another.

As a seeker of Truth, you only need to ALLOW for the coincidences and so-called “chance” happenings to be recognized and accepted as the CONFIRMATIONS that they are. Doubting, beyond a point, will only serve to slow your progress. At first it is natural to doubt and seek yet further confirmations. But after several examples, you must begin to move past the doubting, and focus more on the message, if you are to continue to grow.

Again, if you have taken adequate precautions to clear your space and be in a balanced emotional state, then you can trust the information that is coming to you. If you think you are beyond the reach of Dark entities, and play with them, you will likely find yourself in a very uncomfortable position, as you will eventually leave hurt and pain in your wake as you are being played the fool.

This is a good place to leave this addition to the earlier message. And our main point has been made.

Be diligent in your spiritual search and be respectful of those things you may not fully understand. Whether or not you understand the physics of what causes the flame of a candle, if you carelessly play around too much with it, you will most likely get burned. So be diligent in keeping yourself surrounded in the Goodness of the White Light that symbolizes Creator God, and do not entertain the Dark Master Tricksters who might tempt your curiosity.

These are but suggestions and insights. As always, you have free-will choice to think and believe what you choose. Our input is in response to the heart’s call for understanding. Please take what is meant for you and leave what is not.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in Light and in Service to The One Light, Creator God.

Blessings and Peace. Salu.

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