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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Why War, Violence, And Anger At This Time?

Good evening, my scribe. Be still and allow the Light to fill you from within. I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the One Light of Creator Source.

We of the Lighted Realms who come in service to you ones at this time are very busy as we continually reach out a helping “hand”. Most often the “hand” we offer to you ones comes in the way of the subtle thought, idea, or inspiration. We make great efforts toward assisting you ones in putting together bits of information so as to help you each, individually, to stretch your awareness of self and of the environment in which you now find yourself.

It is only through self discovery and personal awareness that you can grow beyond the need for physical repetition of lessons. You each, as individuals, must, in your own time and in your own way, come into acceptance of who you are and the true purpose of the physical schoolroom in which you now find yourself.

You SHALL find your way!

The events unfolding on your planet are of great importance, and continued survival in the physical is most desirable at this time so as to be an active participant in very unique challenges that are coming. These challenges will eventually bring about a renewed appreciation and love of the simple things in life—such as a lazy summer afternoon on the beach. There will also come a renewed respect for one another, and a strong sense of moral and ethical values as you ones realize that unity and peace are an integral part of the most powerful force in all of Creation—LOVE!

The events now unfolding [concerning the then-recent 9/11 event itself and what was engineered afterward, both in terms of stepped-up military action in the Middle East and legislation here in the United States through the so-called Patriot Act] will come as a great shock to the masses. MANY ones will choose to roll over, like a pet dog, and give their belly in a show of obedience and submission—not realizing that they are giving-in to the “beast” of fear and ignorance.

Meanwhile, the ones who are beginning to hear the internal alarms sounding within their peripheral awareness are becoming restless as they seek information from traditional news sources. They feel that they are only being told half-truths at best, and sense that the sorcerer-like hands of the master politicians are busily at work behind the scenes as the rhetoric of double-speak continues to flow forth to create the hypnotic mantra of bloodthirsty battle cries.

This intuitive sense that is causing restlessness is what SHOULD be examined VERY closely and in fine detail. This awareness of Inner Communication, coming forth from within, is perhaps the most fundamental yet subtle lesson you ones can learn while in the physical.

We of the Lighted Realms have been placing great amounts of attention on this subject in our messages as of late due to its very fundamental nature. From a personal point of certainty that the INNER (non-physical) world is the greater reality, you can then go forth in complete knowing that there is NOTHING in the physical to fear, ever. This awareness will TRULY set you free because it is fear that is at the heart of what binds and controls you now.

The basic thrusts of age-old statements such as “Know thyself ” and “Know thy enemy” are simple ways of encouraging you to seek within yourself for answers that give understanding and purpose to your physical journey. When you truly answer either question, you automatically get the answer to the other.

Rapid shifts in perceptual reality will always cause an inner stirring as ones try to make sense out of the confusion generated. Perceptual values will quickly be distilled down to basic real values. Ones will be caused to go within and tap this “elusive” intuitive sense, and thus learn to listen to the “Still Voice” within. This Inner Voice is always with you. It always has been with you, and always will be with you.

Your world is playing out its destiny. The exact outcome has yet to be written. However, the general outcome is known. Remember that your planet is a schoolroom and your Mother Earth has made great sacrifices and endured great pains so that you ones might learn very fundamental lessons, such as what you ones call the Golden Rule.

The natural cycle of the physical experience is due entirely to the non-physical factors that affect you each. The non-physical factors are things like what you perceive as the stepped-up “cosmic” radiations and electromagnetic radiations bathing your planet.

What are these things exactly? They are the byproduct physical effects of activities in the aetheric sub-space that gives form to the formless and gives mass to the massless. The aetheric domain is, in essence, the foundation that makes the whole physical illusion possible in the first place.

Space (as in outer space) is not a homogeneous nothingness. It has varying vibrational densities, eddies, and currents—especially when viewed from the perspective of the aetheric energy dynamics. You, as individuals, respond to these non-physical aetheric energies, and likewise so too do ALL aspects of the physical-material universe.

These aetheric energy shifts are somewhat relative on the physical plane. This means that most physical matter will shift in relative proportion to all other matter, and therefore there will be a consistency and predictability in the perception of the physical substance.

However, you ones, as souled entities, have perceptual abilities that extend well beyond the physical, and therefore you will personally sense the shifts in the aethers. The more you rely on intuition and the finer senses, the more pronounced will be the noticed effects of the shiftings as they take place.

As we have stated in many previous messages, the most common perceptual awareness that you and the masses around you tend to notice is the “speed-up” of time. The perception of time is relative to (correlates with) the “density” of the space you occupy. As the density of space changes, so too does the rate of vibration of atoms and such, in relative proportion. You, as an entity who exists across ALL vibrational spectra, can perceive these density shifts, and therefore you will find that “time is speeding up”. In actuality, the “density” of the aethers is shifting in such a manner that the physical aspect of your experience must speed up its vibrational rate in order to maintain “unity and peace” in a condition of stable balance.

So why all the wars, fighting, and seeming chaos if the frequency of the planet is going up?

Change is often met with resistance, especially among those who effort greatly to deny their unbreakable connection to Creator God. These ones know that the Planetary Cleansing is underway and, as they do time and time again, they effort to find a way to keep their desired lower-frequency “reality” intact.

These “Dark” ones will do everything they can imagine to generate enough anger, fear, doubt, and uncertainty—all manner of low-frequency aetheric energy vibrations—so as to use the masses of the people to generate an energy distortion in the aethers that will temporarily buy them “time” to figure out a way to avoid the inevitable.

(“The inevitable”, by the way, includes an increased perceptual awareness by the masses, who grow to see beyond the illusion of the material world, and therefore the ability to be controlled or manipulated disappears.)

Do these spiritually “Dark” ones know what they are doing? Yes and no.

For the most part, the ones you can perceive as being “ruthless fellow humans” are operating as puppets, in an instinct-like manner in which they thrive, at an ego level, by hoarding, manipulating, lying, cheating, etc., in order to satiate a desire for power and control.

This disposition is often due to a strong negative overshadowment by very Dark non-physical energies who know EXACTLY what THEY are doing. These controlling entities feel most “alive” when they are causing others to generate strong negative emotions.

Often the physical puppets are simply going along for the ride, and are in constant battle to suppress any sense of conscience (Light) that may be left within them, having “sold their soul” to these Dark satanic entities. The deceptively subtle material-domain power of this combination is why so many ones cannot even fathom the depth of the evil operating on your planet at this time.

If you look at the Planetary Cleansing process much like dealing with an infection, where often the body has to raise its temperature in order to kill off the invader, then you will see that the wars, violence, anger, and such are actually signs that the healing process has begun and is well on its way.

Often you ones speculate on how things will be and just how events will unfold. But just as often you place limitations on yourself, as well as on Creator God and His many Angels and Spirit Guides. The greatest reason we stress the importance of inner recognition and understanding of the intuitive perceptions is so that you will more fully recognize the Perfection unfolding—as well as the innate perfect balance among ALL of Creator’s creations, including you and the physical schoolroom in which you now find yourself being tested.

There are no accidents, no chance happenings—only a sequence of events unfolding in Perfection. Even if you don’t see this right now, you will eventually see and understand.

Look WITHIN for the answers to the questions that burden your heart. Look WITHIN for the understanding of who you are and your purpose in life. (Have you ever considered that perhaps one purpose for you in this life might be to learn to interpret “gut feelings” and intuitions? Just a thought to consider!)

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come as a Teacher, Messenger, and Wayshower in response to the heart’s call from you who read and apply these words. I come in The One Light of Father-Mother Source—Creator God. May these words help you to find your way along this current segment of your soul’s magnificent infinite journey.

Blessings and Peace. Salu.

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