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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Powerful Messages Can Appear In Many Forms

Good evening, my scribe. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the One Light of Creator Source. Be at peace and be still.

Allow for the energies to settle around you, for there are a great many distractions thrown your way at this time. See the White Light completely surrounding you and lifting your vibration. Allow the relaxing sensations of peace and love to fill you from within. Very good! Let us continue please.

A great many things have been happening that are causing “waves of recognition” that large-scale planetary change is just around the corner. These waves of recognition are being felt all around your globe. Most remarkable clues are being given to you ones in a very blatant, “in-your-face” manner so that you ones will have opportunity to take note and prepare in whatever manner you deem appropriate.

The prominent examples of which I speak are in the forms of what have been called “crop circles” and, more recently, due to their astonishingly involved layouts, “crop glyphs”. We shall simply refer to them as “crop formations”. These recent formations—some more like photographic images—are very complex and their production is far beyond an ability to be fabricated by any of what you call “crop-circle hoaxers”.

I ask that an effort be made to find images to accompany this message so that those without computer access to the Internet will be able to see what I am referring to here.

[Editor’s Note: The Internet has become a formidable resource for the quick posting and sharing of important information like that being discussed herein. Thanks to some outstanding Internet sources, powered by dedicated researchers, we can here present several wonderful pictures to accompany Hatonn’s narrative. For those of you who wish to explore this subject of Crop Circles further, the website is a great place to start.]

The first crop formation to which I would like to call attention was reported on Tuesday, August 14, 2001. It is an image of a humanoid face laid out in a “half-tone” presentation.

crop formation faceAerial Photo by Steve Alexander © 2001 gaussian blur 16%(Same image blurred with Gaussian blur filter at 16%) further blur with gaussian and radial blur filters(Further blurred with Radial & Gaussian blur filters)

The “face” in the wheat field near Chilbolton Observatory, Hampshire, first noticed on Tuesday, August 14, 2001. The two levels of blurring or smoothing of the image simulate looking at it from farther away, just like with a half-tone newspaper photo, so the individual dots disappear.

A half-tone is a series of small dots that make up an image when viewed from a distance; this is a process long utilized to render photographs in your newspaper production. This formation is not only an example of the mathematical precision of the technology being used to communicate with you ones, but the image depicts a common origin that you and your space brothers share.

There are, as always, several layers to the image’s message. The picture is to let you know that they (we) will come in a form that is quite acceptable and familiar to you ones. The image also suggests that it is time to “face” the facts that we are communicating with you. And the obviously large size of the image encourages you to recognize (“face”) the “larger picture” that you are not alone in this universe.

As if that intriguing crop formation was not enough to puzzle over, it was followed by another quite astonishing formation, reported six days later, on Monday, August 20, 2001. (Note that the midpoint between these two dates is approximately August 17—the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence date in 1987, which noted the commencing of a mass influx of higher-frequency “awakening” energies into your world.) Both images are situated in the same field and are “coincidentally” adjacent to the large Chilbolton radio-telescope facility in Hampshire, England.

Chilbolton Image by Peter R. Sorensen © 2001

Composite “postcard” image of the two crop formations at Chilbolton enlarged and superimposed on aerial photograph of the actual crop formation site near the radio-telescope.

This second formation is a direct answer to the Arecibo Message sent out on November 16, 1974. (Arecibo is a large radio-telescope facility in Puerto Rico.) This is a blatant reply to the message your government sent out, and the reply is in the same symbolic language in which you sent the original message. The reply will show various fundamental differences in genetic make-up as well as origin. Also, you ones will note that the image is laid-out directly in line with the large radio-telescope, symbolizing intentional communication.

Why the use of crop formations rather than direct radio communication or other forms of sophisticated methods? Because the electronic communications sent to your world’s governments immediately become highly classified and the average public sees and hears NOTHING. We have given your world’s governments ample opportunity to handle our messages in any manner in which they see fit. The result has been great silence as these ones attempt to amass a stockpile of supposedly “advanced” weaponry to be used to defend themselves against our arrival.

These ones realize that the reason we are coming is because of the Great Awakening now underway on your world. As more and more ones awaken to the reality of their place in the Grand Scheme Of Existence, they also realize that they are a part of a much larger family. The would-be oppressors of your world are trying desperately to delay this inevitable awakening, using all sorts of devices which pulse electromagnetic frequencies in the range of brain functioning so as to cause a mild form of sedation, as well as apathy and anger.

These sorts of mind-control manipulations have recently been stepped-up and are largely responsible for the unusually high level of bizarre animal behaviors being noted in many locations—such as the shark attacks along your Eastern U.S. coastal waters. Such electromagnetic transmissions are also responsible for “unpredictable” distortions in many localized weather patterns, as well as for climatic shifts that have many of your scientists baffled—and thus the debates that swing from global warming at one end, to the next great ice-age at the other.

aerial view of Aerial photograph © 2001 by Steve Alexander

The “binary code” on the left and “face” to the right in the wheat field near Chilbolton Observatory near Wherwell, Hampshire, U. K. were first seen on different dates, according to a Chilbolton Observatory employee. The “face” near top center was reported on Tuesday, August 14, 2001. The “binary code” to the left was reported on Monday, August 20, 2001.

The crop formations serve MANY purposes. They communicate to your world that you are not alone and that we of the Intergalactic Federation Of Sovereign Planets are quite aware of the games being played on your planet. We are also quite aware that the average person is intentionally being kept in the dark concerning the overwhelming amount of physical evidence demonstrating that intelligent extraterrestrial life not only exists, but is in fact monitoring closely the technology being developed and played with on your planet.

We have been monitoring your planet for many, many thousands of years. We have complete records of the cyclical advances and declines as your world has gone through various stages of social development.

There is great diversity among the people of your world. For the most part, the majority are humble and searching for inner fulfillment. However, there are the relative few (those you would call the “elite controllers”, who are under strong adversarial or “dark energy” overshadowment) who seek constantly and undeterred to manipulate and control others through absolute power. This is accomplished by keeping the masses ignorant of their true history and their true heritage. The game of trickery is near its end, and thus a new Age Of Enlightenment And Truth is evolving.

As ones become more aware, their vibrational frequency begins to speed up. This in turn leads to an ever increasing level of awareness. There is reached a point where the old tricks no longer work. You, as a planetary species, are rapidly reaching that point, and the controllers know this. Thus their games of deception become all the more extreme, as their ability to maintain control slips away.

We of your elder brothers have given you many clues along the way to help prepare you both mentally and emotionally for the awakening process in which you now find yourselves. Despite our best efforts, there will always be ones who resist change.

There are always ones who decide they know all that is truly worth knowing, therefore there is no allowance for anything that would disrupt their comfortable little microcosm of fanciful living. (Fanciful relative to the true nature of the world and universe in which they live.) These ones—often labeled as “experts” of one kind or another on your world—will make pronouncements such as that the crop formations are merely an elaborate hoax perpetrated by clever university students with nothing better to do.

However, upon closer scrutiny (which these ones never seem to do with any level of objectivity) you will find that the wheat in these crop formations is twisted in on itself and is bent, but NOT broken, as it would be if it were merely stomped or rolled down. This shows a great respect for the plant lifeform and shows that the originators have taken great care to NOT destroy the grain.

ground level close up of crop circle face © 2001 Charles Mallett

Close-up photo of intricate details of the way the wheat was bent, swirled, twisted, and bundled to produce the overall “half-tone photo” effect of the “face” crop formation; radio-telescope in background.

There is far less sophisticated technology we could have used that would simply “burn” an image into fields. But we are not of an ethical nature which would allow us to even consider that as a viable option.

Dear ones, ALL LIFE is precious. There is no reason to senselessly destroy any lifeform—not even a single strand of wheat being grown for the purpose of harvest.

If our intention was simply to conquer and destroy, don’t you think that we would have done so years ago? That is the warrior mentality of your world’s rulers, who think in such fear-based mental psychoses. We have all that we need or could ever want. You ones have nothing that we covet.

We come as Teachers and Guides—much the way parents look out for their children, or older brothers and sisters look out for the younger ones. We derive great pleasure in watching you ones grow in awareness. We offer our advice and guidance to those who are accepting of same. Those who choose to ignore the stretched-out hand of assistance we offer are honored as well, for they choose that which they feel is right for them, and we see that they need the longer path of experience in order to find their way.

There are no “wrong” choices in the physical experience, for each choice has associated with it consequences of action. Harsh choices are often met with harsh responses. But these, too, have their place in the schoolroom-Earth learning environment.

There are, however, several choices that can be made in almost any situation. If ones were to carefully weigh their options, there are usually choices that can be made that result in a more balanced outcome. These are the “better” choices that come about usually only after several years (often several lifetimes) of making “bad” choices that result in harsh responses.

You see, we too have choices to make in terms of how best to serve. We carefully consider the consequences of our actions and communications so as to maximize effectiveness and minimize the potential for confusion and overwhelm.

This is no simple task, for our messages will often impact large numbers of people (such as those who see these writings) and there are no two who are at the exact same level of awareness and understanding. Thus we often present our messages in layers. This is to say that there are often messages within messages, and those who are ready for the deeper messages will see past the outer shell and into one or more of the inner layers.

Our choices with messages in a form such as crop formations take into consideration a broad range of awareness so as to be effective and efficient, and yet simple and direct. This is what we would refer to as a “better” choice and a “balanced” choice.

Many ones ask the question about why the majority of the crop formations appear in and around England. Simply stated, that is where the true seat of power for your planet resides, and it is also where the essence of your current civilization originates. Despite the perceptual differences of the majority of the American community, the true power-brokers, who dictate and decide the world’s direction, do so from the infrastructure originated long ago in the British Empire.

digital overlay

Above Left: November 16, 1974 Arecibo image; Right: August 20, 2001 Chilbolton image; Center: composite overlay of Left and Right images for comparison, by Bruce Otter © 2001

digital rendition

Above Left is a digital rendition of the November 16, 1974 Arecibo, Puerto Rico radio-telescope binary code transmission by Cornell University astronomers to the M13 star cluster. Above Center is a schematic translation of the original message. (Source: Cosmos © 1976 by Carl Sagan.) Above Right is the digital rendition of the August 20, 2001 Chilbolton crop formation.

The illusion of freedom is necessary in order to create conditions that allow for the “lullaby” of complacency to cause the eyelids of the masses to close, while the high-level game-players mold your destiny and package it in such a manner that causes you to accept it—if not chase after it and outright demand it.

Please take note of the many clues being shown to you ones at this time. Do you not see that ALL levels of society are being manipulated?

For example, did anyone notice the gasoline prices jump up and down for the same reasons? You’re told too much demand drives the price up. Or not enough was sold, so they raise the price. Later, there is a glut in the market, so they lower the price. Then there is a holiday weekend coming up, so—choose any excuse you want, but—raise the prices to gouge the public.

After enough repetitions of the cycle, many of you can and do see the game being played, but you feel powerless to do anything. So, you just “go along to get along”. This is fine so long as you recognize an opportunity, when it presents itself, to step forward and speak your truth.

This is but one example of how you are manipulated and used. There are MANY others resulting from the spiritually dark, materialistic, greed-obsessed mentality that drives the so-called “elite” with a chaotic fervor and passion at a level of intensity so as to be completely unbelievable if you were to see these ones as they really are. These ones’ actions, demeanor, and moral base are so far removed from the average person’s thinking that the average person has no way of understanding the mentality they are really dealing with.

It is this mentality that sits behind the various world governments. These relative few make sure that everyone is playing the same game and heading in the “proper” direction. These ones are often behind the scenes, serving as advisors to government officials, presidents, and monarchs. These are the ones to whom many of our crop formations are directed—for they are the ones who KNOW we are real, and they KNOW we are coming. They also know that we will not tolerate their game-playing amongst our people, and that they cannot deceive us at all, even for an instant, for we simply go within and discern intent and see The Truth with our Inner Knowing.

As we have explained to you in these messages, many times in the past, this Inner Knowing is a direct result of the inner-connectedness of ALL ones through our Common Source—Creator God, the All That Is. As you continue to evolve and grow in your understanding and awareness, you will see that these senses become more and more commonplace, and you will be given to see with the INNER “eyes” much more than the outer eyes will ever see.

Be quick to go within and ask clarification for anything that causes you concern, anger, grief, or confusion. Learn to be slow in allowing anger to build within you, and quick to release anger and forgive yourself for allowing the anger in the first place.

We of the Host of God (overseers of this planetary transition) are here for the explicit purpose of offering our assistance when and where appropriate. Call upon us. We are the Guides, Wayshowers, Angels, and Messengers that you often pray to God to send your way. Look for the clues in your life, and you will see that we are there, working with you to help you prepare for the times ahead. Learn to trust your Inner Guidance, and please know that you are NEVER alone along your journey.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in Light and Service to the One who created me and you—The One Light, Creator Source. May you always find the clues and markers along the path you have chosen, so that you will forever know that you are a cherished and significant part of the magnificent Oneness that is The Creation.

Blessings and Peace to you ALL! Salu.

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