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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Thanks To The SPECTRUM Staff And Supporters

Greetings, my friend. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the One Light of Creator God. Be at peace.

I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have persisted in establishing a very respected news and information conduit in The SPECTRUM newspaper on this, the TWO-year anniversary since your first publication. This is the time of the Great Awakening on your planet and The SPECTRUM has a pivotal role to play in that educational process.

I also thank each and every one of you who have helped along the way. Without the generosity of a handful of people who recognize the value of the information offered in The SPECTRUM, the publication would have stopped long ago. It is not popular to present Truth, as there are so many ones who work very diligently to hide their past deeds so as to continue in the illusion they have created.

I assure each and every one of you that the Great Awakening is well underway, and there is being generated a great thirst for knowledge and understanding as the slumber-time has ended and the bleary-eyed masses begin to establish their bearings. You ones shall witness an ever increasing interest in your publication, since it integrates a balance between the physical and the spiritual in an attempt to show to the world that you can include God in all your undertakings—and thereby establish a perspective and product that has a true lasting quality to it.

As with any and all ones who try to help awaken humanity, you will have critics along the way. This is natural and to be expected. Learn to allow each their own path and freedom to express as they see fit. Send these critical ones Light and Love in return for their compulsion to attack. This will help you to avoid any unnecessary karmic baggage.

Most often the ones who attack do so out of jealousy, moreso than actual animosity or anger. These ones are also frightened that you may be moving ahead without them, and so they often get frustrated that they have chosen a different path. Deep down inside they wish they could turn back the clock and choose differently. Their attacks upon you only affirm their own insecurities and inner emotional state of unbalance and unrest.

Always show these ones compassion. I assure you, you will never regret flowing Love, Light, and Compassion to another person, for we are ALL connected, one to another, through Creator God (the One who created us).

Many of you readers and supporters should know that The SPECTRUM has established itself as a well respected voice among many of the alternative news publications. This is due to the level of professionalism of its small staff, along with a strong conviction to HELP as many people as possible. It is a true test of balance and focus in your physical world to walk the line that The SPECTRUM walks in spite of the constant financial pressures.

The SPECTRUM, as many of you long-term readers know, was born in controversy wherein it was strongly felt by its founding members that Truth, at the previous newspaper, was being sacrificed at the whims of a few highly emotional ones with a strong dispensation toward negative emotional reaction. I have always told you ones that if you believe you could do a job better, then by all means go do it. This is exactly what those at The SPECTRUM did, over two years ago. What you hold in your hands is the product of that vision and desire.

As you each start on the third year of publication, I tell you that the journey is far from over. With persistence and patience there will come greater and greater success.

Please know that, as long as you stay the course and keep the desire to help others above all else, you will have the support of countless energies—Angels, if you will—to assist you along your way, and you will always be successful and the publication will grow.

Eventually it would be nice to see the newspaper evolve into a magazine format, so as to enhance its acceptance into a much broader distribution network. [Editor’s Note: That did happen, beginning with the January 2002 issue.] Eventually the financial situation will allow for this, but again, please be patient and persistent.

I will keep this short. Let me again convey a sincere Thank You to ALL of you who have contributed your time, effort, and financial support to keep this voice of Truth alive and well. Thank you each for recognizing and responding to the call.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn. I come in Light and in Service to The One Light—Creator Source. Salu.

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