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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

(Messages here are in descending chronological order. View Messages grouped by Author.)

(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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Be Thankful For Your Planet’s Great Gift Of Compassion

Good afternoon, my scribe. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the Radiant Light of The One Light, Creator Source. Be still, my friend, for there are ones who wish to stop this communication cycle. Persist and know that We of the Higher Lighted Realms can neutralize the psychic and electronic attacks. Always keep the Light about you, and ask for Assistance whenever the thought crosses your mind to do so.

Great chains of events are currently unfolding which will impact the lives of all ones on your planet. These events are orchestrated so that the twisted “dreams” of a few will be realized, while literally enslaving the rest of those who remain in the physical.

These events will NOT come off as the would-be slavemasters intend. As with all such ill-gotten plans, they lack balance and thus cause great inner emotional stirrings in the ones they intend to victimize. This emotional energy often results in a great resurgence of inner connection to Source, and thus summons forth great Unseen Forces that will literally dissolve the illusion perpetuated by these ones who have sold their souls for the IDEA of power—never once realizing that they themselves are being used, let alone set up for great karmic strife.

Many of you ones, including my scribe, wish to have more specific details as to what is planned. Dear ones, look around you and ask yourselves: “Can this world continue going down its current path without ‘something’ breaking?”

The economic markets around the world are quite fragile. Your population growth has hardly begun to slow, despite the many attempts to unleash massive plagues, such as AIDS, or sterilization efforts, through inoculation and such.

These things do not work because the will of man is greater than any man-made device of mass destruction. When the will of man is clearly focused and centered around Creator God, many “miracles” can and are manifested within the physical realm.

For example, this means that for every man-made plague there will also always be generated (through Inspiration) many possible ways to counter such assaults. Put generally, in response to any such emotionally charged challenges, there will ALWAYS be ones who are Inspired to take actions which will lead to the discovery of a balancing solution.

God works on ALL levels of science, as well as religious philosophy. There are many ones on your planet who have come to balance their “karmic scales” by applying their unique gifts toward the goal of breaking the cycles of destruction that your planetary mass consciousness seems to fall for, time and time again.

Great strides are being made, at all levels of conventional science, that are causing great concerns for those who wish to keep certain technologies out of the public sector. Why would those who control your governments of the world wish to keep secret the many discoveries of ones such as Nikola Tesla, who came forth to give your world energy sources that would not disrupt the natural ecological balance of your planet?

(So-called “fossil fuels” not only pollute the air and water supplies, but also they are disrupting the natural electrolytic functioning of your planetary orb when you deplete them. Think of these oil deposits as part of an electrolytic capacitor, and you may find insight concerning the natural reason they exist in the first place.)

Your general understanding of your planet’s physiology is quite unsophisticated, and though many of you take for granted the orb upon which you live, she is quite alive and has a consciousness. Her will is similar to your own, and she wishes to be healthy and in a state of balance. Her calls are NOT being ignored!

Due to the severe abuse of your planet, there will come a time when the mass majority will need to be relocated to other “school rooms” while she is given opportunity and time to heal. There will always be caretakers assigned—both physical and non-physical—who will put forth great healing energies toward your planet, as they nurse her back to a balanced state of health.

Her challenges are great and she knows that she is providing a service (environment) to you ones so that you may have the opportunity to learn and grow. But this does not mean she will necessarily go the way of Maldek (the remnants of which is the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter).

At present there is little solace being offered to her from the burden she carries. However, Great Energies are being sent to her and, though the constant attacks are relentless, she is being stabilized to a great extent with the help of many a Lightworker from the Inter-Galactic Federation Of Sovereign Planets. We have many ones stationed in craft, all about your planet, supplying assistance to her. These efforts are designed to relieve the pressures slowly, so as to allow for less destructive shifts in your planet’s crustal plates and waters.

Why is this being done? Because your planetary orb has asked that it be this way, for she realizes the general state of ignorance of your species. She has great compassion as a being who wishes to see you each have the greatest opportunity possible to wake up and move out of your various states of ignorance—and back into a state of balance, a state of en-Light-ened awareness of ALL life, and an appreciation for the interconnectedness we ALL share.

Does this mean that the massive “Earth Changes” have been averted? No. It means they have been delayed and, to some degree, lessened in severity in probability space, according to our probability models.

There are a great number of variables which affect the stability of your planet. Not the least of these are the artificial stresses caused by man’s tinkering with the etheric forces (through so-called “scalar” technology) that modify the bio-rhythms of your planet—something like the effects of an artificial pacemaker implanted into someone’s heart.

These energies, if better understood, COULD be used to help stabilize your planet. But this idea is hardly a concern of those who control and otherwise dictate the application of such technologies.

Be thankful for the stable time you now have, for it is truly a byproduct of a magnificent being’s compassion for Life. As your Native American brothers and sisters have long taught, take time to thank Mother Earth for her gift of this exquisite learning environment.

Many are asking such questions as: “When will the Earth Changes come?” and “When will the great economic collapses happen?” and “When will the extraterrestrials make their presence known?” and “How much longer will this ‘dancing on the edge’ continue?”

To these questions, and ones like them, I will only say that IT WILL NEVER BE THE WAY YOU ONES THINK IT WILL BE.

Many of you ones want prophecy so that you can sit back and wait and do nothing, or so that you can know how much time you have left to “play in the sandbox” before you have to take seriously the suggestions long offered through such as these messages. These “wrong reasons for asking”—coupled with the fact that there are a great number of variables (both physical and non-physical) affecting the actual physical manifestation of such changes so that the exact timing of such events is constantly shifting—make such prophecy nearly impossible. One missed communication, one “hunch” NOT acted upon, can dramatically shift the playing field in terms of which sequence of events is next appropriate.

We of the Lighted Realms are in no hurry for any sort of cataclysmic event, for it would only shorten the opportunities available to you ones. Thus we tend to focus our energies toward balancing out any given circumstances so as to allow for the greatest possible growth and awakening among your general population.

Does it make any real difference which candidate gets elected for the office of President of the United States? No, not really.

The candidate has, long ago, been selected, and the presidential race is simply being used as a means of distracting those of the older generations who still think that there is some sort of meaning in participating in such political happenings. The younger generations have not, for the most part, been educated in the basic functioning of the government—let alone the Constitution—and therefore they can’t make heads or tails out of the whole mess, and thus tend to look at such events as presidential elections as nothing more than a popularity contest—not unlike voting for the next Miss America.

Be not in despair over anything that happens, for even the seemingly worst of events will have a positive “backlash” for those who can remember to stay centered and keep Creator Source (God) within their daily plans for life and living. With all great “tragedy” that befalls large numbers of a populace, there comes a resurgence of basic fundamental principles of living. This means ideas such as “ALL ones are important” and “TOGETHER survival of any situation IS POSSIBLE” become the basic philosophical building blocks from which balance and stability can be regained.

Those who refuse to carry their fair share of the “load” simply will not “eat” (partake of the rewards of another’s work). This means that those who are used to being waited upon by servants and such will have to either learn to contribute or they will be left to find another parasitic host to “infect”.

You each have great gifts to share with your world. Some of you have taken great strides toward recognizing and strengthening your gifts and have cultivated great inner personal rewards as a result. Others of you have become so distracted with the whole physical game that you have difficulty seeing what gifts you have to offer and tend to “drift” from one idea to the next, always searching to find your “purpose”.

To you who feel the latter applies to you, I offer the following suggestion: Get still. Call upon the Light of Creator Source (the One who created you) and ask for Assistance. Ask for clues that will help you to see your strengths. Ask for events to unfold in your life that will help you to use and strengthen your gifts, as well as develop those areas which you need to stretch in understanding.

There is not one upon your world who is without room to grow in several areas of understanding. Be thankful for the opportunities you now have, and be persistent in pursuing those avenues wherein INNER satisfaction results.

Greatness is not determined by how many zeros you have in a bank account, or by any other external physical parameter. True greatness comes when YOU, as an individual, can recognize and see and appreciate Creator God in all ones and in all things. This higher perceptual level of awareness, when truly understood and felt, will spark within you great surges of Energy which will enable you to tap an Inner Strength that will literally allow you to walk through fire—if that be the obstacle between you and your chosen destination of achievement!

To TRULY love a person or thing means to be able to match frequency with that and resonate in harmony with same. In essence you “become one” with the object of your focus, through Creator God, and such can have no negative effect upon you.

Think long and hard upon the words of a great Teacher: “I and my Father (Creator God) are One.” Within this statement comes great insight into recognizing who you are and from where you come—and the key to unlocking the “mysteries” of the universe and MUCH, MUCH more.

Let us leave this here, for there are great pressures upon the one who sits and pens this message. Take not these opportunities to share for granted, for they are indeed precious.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, and I leave you in the Lighted Radiance of The One Light, Creator of All That Is. May your journey never be without a good challenge, and may you find and exploit that which brings you inner balance and peace.

Much Love and Light to you ALL! Salu.

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