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  Wisdom of the Rays - ”Achieve the wisdom of knowledge of Truth as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.“

Spiritual Messages

The Spiritual Messages here are of the very highest “channeled” quality from a number of Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Wayshowers from the Higher Realms of Creation--and, as well, there are a few messages by exceptional teachers in our world--all of whom are dedicated to assisting ones who find themselves restless and searching (that is, ready) for the “next step” of their spiritual growth.

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(Messages here are grouped by author. View Messages in chronological order.)

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What Are Some Clues For Truly Finding Your Purpose?

Good evening, my friend. It is I, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in service to the Radiant One Light of Creator Source—The One Light. Be at peace.

All is continuing to unfold in perfection. Allow for the many distractions of day-to-day living to pass through your experience. Hold not your focus upon those things that you find upsetting, but rather, look toward the good that can be borne from the experience itself. Use each emotionally charged experience as the opportunity for which it is intended—as an experiential catalyst for growth.

If the situation is emotionally frustrating to you, then it is indeed YOU who have been afforded an experience wherein you are being challenged to remain in a state of connectedness (through the inner heart connection to Source) despite the apparent dichotomy of the situation. Remember always that YOU, along with all fellow cohabitants of your current experience, ARE ONE WITHIN THE WHOLENESS OF CREATOR.

Those who appear to be casting stones at you are, in actuality, casting stones at themselves, though by their own actions they show that they do not yet see or understand this basic Truth. Be the wayshower by setting an example.

If you find yourself quick to anger, then be as diligent about forgiving yourself for allowing your inner connection to Source to be temporarily “broken”. Actually the inner connection to Source cannot be broken, but rather, diminished rapidly and to such a great degree that it quickly moves out of the frequency range of conscious perception. From the conscious perspective of the individual who experiences same, the net effect is a disconnect from the nurturing and balancing Guidance forever being offered to you.

Perhaps a useful perspective to hold onto would be to view one another as players in a play who have agreed to play various roles so that you ones can generate, amongst yourselves, the many contrasting ideas and beliefs so as to intentionally spark great thought-provoking debates and thus bring forth newness of experience and thought.

There is truly nothing that you ones can do for which you cannot be forgiven. In every case, Creator understands PERFECTLY all aspects of your challenge and knows that you are each created IN PERFECTION. It is YOU who are always the last to forgive self. Creator never views your experiences as anything that needs to be forgiven, for He knows you will find your way back into balance.

Your current growth environment is created in perfection. As a Whole it is constantly seeking and achieving balance within Creator’s perfection.

You cannot fail in the experience of “life”. No matter how “bad” your life experience may seem to be, you will naturally choose to re-enter the “game” so that you may continue to experience the newness of growth and thereby perfect the inner balance that is innate in all of Creator’s creations.

Let us move from this subject. Though this first portion of this writing is fully intended for the one who sits and pens this message, we see that it has general value to many ones who will be reading this message. We ask that it be left in this writing. We now move on to another topic.

Your world, according to its presently accepted calendar system, has moved into a new century, as well as a new millennium. This calendar is, in a relative sense, arbitrary in nature. The celestial cycles of movement through what you ones call “space” is of a much more significant nature than is your present calendar system. Let not the printed numbers on a page distract you from getting your mission completed.

Many a new reader may be asking: “What exactly is this ‘mission’ of which you speak?”

Each one’s “mission” is unique to the individual experiencing, and yet there are similar aspects that will result in quite parallel paths for some. Each of the Ground Crew members who come forth, do so freely and in an effort to be of service to those who call out to God for assistance and understanding.

You each have an innate desire to help others, and yet you also inevitably find yourselves in need of assistance. When you go within and seek inner Guidance, and then use the gift given to help another recognize (remember) their inner connection to Source, you have in some way performed your chosen duty/responsibility that you have set forth to do.

The “mission”—in a general sense—is one of Light infusion into the planetary consciousness. The term “Light” can be replaced with the term “Love” in this last statement. Light (with a capital “L”) is used herein as a symbolic representation of true understanding and conscious awareness of origin from Creator Source, versus the opposite, which would be Darkness, or more simply, ignorance.

There is a very real challenge that you ones face. It is, as has been previously stated, that there are those ones who are desperately trying to keep the masses of the planet in a deliberate state of ignorance (Darkness) concerning their true Lighted origin and their unlimited creative potential which derives from that Source.

These suppressive ones are most often referred to as the “elite controllers” of your world. These ones effort, through a large array of tricks resting upon mind control, to keep the masses in a defocused state of confusion and fear, as these controllers, in essence, usurp the freedom of the masses—all the while trying to maintain the illusion of freedom.

You who are awakened enough to realize the “game” being played are not as susceptible to the mind-numbing tactics that these Dark or “negative” elements are trying to foist upon the masses, and therefore YOU are often viewed as a very big threat. Thus there will come the accusations and ridicule from those who are being constantly programmed to reject ideas of conspiracy, of the true nature of your vast spiritual heritage, and thus of the knowledge that will help ones to set themselves free from the “trap” of ignorance.

This complete picture offers to you a very real challenge. This challenge is a perfect opportunity for you ones to experience wherein you will build within yourselves a great desire to inform, question, and thereby change the status-quo.

This is, to a great extent, why you chose to incarnate into the physical, rather than stay in the Higher Dimensions—from which most of you come who are drawn to this publication [The SPECTRUM] and thus to reading messages such as this. By coming into the physical format, you are able to—that is, you are given or have earned the right to—effect the desired change (upward shift in awareness) that would not otherwise be ethically possible, from a non-interference point of view, from a Higher Dimensional platform.


Along with that choice, you accepted, knowingly, that you may very well become part of the planetary karmic experience wherein you may have to continue with same until you have balanced out any “energy ridges” or entanglements you may have created while serving as a member of what we have come to call, through this source, Ground Crew.

Regardless of the distractions that you will inevitably experience along your current journey—especially as a result of the threat you represent to the so-called “elite controllers” and to the Dark (Satanic) Higher-Dimensional Forces who overshadow these third-dimensional elite—we, of the Hosts of God in service to The One Light, suggest that you ones keep the largest perspective that you can hold in conscious thought regarding the nature of your involvement and purpose at this time.

We monitor you ones closely and we see that one of the larger distractions you ones seem to have is wanting to know what YOUR “purpose” is. Your purpose is in alignment with those actions you take that resonate deep within you as “being truly satisfying”. In other words, you can know your purpose by the very nature of your honest inner response.

How do you feel when you see someone mistreat an animal or small child? Based on your feelings, do you think that this is in alignment with YOUR purpose in life?

How do you feel when you interact with another and add value or understanding to their life? Is this, based on your deep feeling response, more in alignment with who you are and what you feel to be important and useful? Perhaps this is the nature and direction of YOUR purpose!

Do not be confused or distracted by wants and desires of a superficial, dishonest, or transient nature. For example: “I think my purpose is to sit on a beach in Hawaii and watch the waves come in. After all, I feel good sitting there!”

Oh? For how long? Do you feel, down deep, a growing and satisfying sense of purpose from your actions?

ALL chosen paths have the potential of being contributory to the larger, en-Light-ening educational mission underway on this planet. However, it would be wise to allow for flexibility and changes in plans, and to deep-down HONESTLY recognize that what you really wanted (which is different from what you necessarily needed) was, in this example, a temporary rest!

When you are on track with your “purpose” there will always be an inner sense of satisfaction experienced, for your Soul-being is more fully brought into the arena of conscious awareness as a natural result of the increase in your vibratory rate. YOUR PURPOSE WILL ALWAYS, IF YOU ARE GROUND CREW, BE OF A NATURE TO BE OF SERVICE TO OTHERS. You will innately teach this by your words, thoughts, and actions.

It should be noted here that often, when ones begin to become more fully aware of their purpose and start actively pursuing those endeavors that are in alignment with their purpose, a seemingly “bumpy road” will manifest. Family members are often a great challenge to overcome, and will, in many cases, cause a struggle within the Lightworker’s heart.

How do you step outside the mental conditioning of those who have, in most cases, been the ones reinforcing the limiting beliefs and ideas on you, possibly since you were born?

How do you do this without being labeled a cult member, a sadist, a dupe, or such?

These are very trying situations that will, in all likelihood, cause you great inner conflict.

All ones wish to be accepted for who they are, and not judged harshly for thinking “differently” than does the status-quo. For most of you, you did not choose to enter your current environment so that you could be molded and conform to it. Rather, you entered into this environment to creatively express your understanding, love, and compassion in such a manner as to become one who LIBERATES the thinking of those who are “stuck” and restless, searching for that “something more” that is seemingly missing yet just outside of their conscious awareness.

You have all been there at one time or another. You know that to help liberate another, who is asking, from their own ignorance—and thus help them to connect with that “something” (their inner connectedness to ALL through the Love and Light of Creator Source) that had seemingly been eluding them—is immensely satisfying within, as there will inevitably come a great energy surge as a fellow co-creator comes into a greater understanding of the vastness of who they really are.

You each are on an evolutionary path that will inevitably “bump into” experiences that will challenge any areas of incomplete or erroneous understanding. Often these errors will seem small and insignificant. However, no truly lasting structure will ever be built upon an unstable foundation.

Often ones will seemingly reach a “plateau” wherein little or no movement, in terms of growth, is perceived. There are several factors that may cause such a condition to persist. At the heart will always be an error in personal belief regarding an unresolved personal issue that one believes to be resolved—but in fact has only been ignored, tucked away, dismissed somehow as a “non-issue”.

In such circumstances your Guides will often try to assist you in creating experiences wherein you will be caused to again look at this area of incomplete understanding or non-resolve. This often occurs when it is determined, at a higher level of consciousness, that your current level of understanding will not safely support the next level of responsibility with its required level of understanding.

Incomplete issues often manifest as energy blockages in the various energy centers of the body. These blockages must, in most cases, be cleared prior to the next level of awakening, for there comes, with each level of awakening, a greater ability to flow the Infinite Potentials of Creator’s Love and Light. To continue without the proper alignment of the energy centers would cause great harm to the physical apparatus, and thus, in many cases, illness would result, and in extreme cases the physical apparatus would cease to function altogether.

[Editor’s Note: The subsequent 1/2/00 writing from Violinio St. Germain expands upon this important issue of energy blockages and their clearing.]

Many are teetering on the edge of awakening to a new, higher level of awareness, but still have personal issues left unresolved that, unless dealt with in a conscientious and loving manner, will only serve as a stumbling block. Look for those things that you may be carrying around for years, such as the broken heart resulting from a “lost” loved one. Or anything that sort of just “sits there” because you can’t seem to find that which gives you resolve on the issue.

Often these things will be those which you carry around with you for years as a grudge, self pity, guilt, anger or such. Often we see you ones becoming quite comfortable with your pain, until it seems to just become a part of who you are, while you, for all intents and purposes, accept it, and in some cases nurture same through elaborate justifications to self.

Some actually equate the pain of such experiences with the “reality” of being alive. This is much like ones who would say: “Pinch me so I know I’m not dreaming.”

Do you use heart pain in order to prove that you are indeed alive?

Do you feel guilty if you are not continually punishing yourself for past mistakes?

These are far more common experiences among Ground Crew members than many of you may want to believe. If you perceive that you have hurt another, then please forgive yourself and realize that you needed the experience in one way or another. Eventually it will, if viewed properly, serve as a springboard for future growth—often in an area in which you did not realize you were lacking in understanding.

Remember the wise words of the Master Teacher: “Forgive those who trespass against us.” But also remember to forgive yourself, if YOU are the one who has “trespassed” against self.

Keep in mind that ALL ARE ONE, and: “What you do to the least of mine, so too have you done unto me.”

Bottom line: Learn to truly forgive YOURSELF and any others whom you perceive have hurt you, and then you will inevitably be helping all parties to heal and move on. In doing so, you will be opening doors of opportunity to further be of service to humanity, your planet, and all of the seen and unseen participants in the learning environment in which you now find yourself.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in service to Creator Source—The One Light from which ALL LIFE extends forth and makes up The Creation, with all of its infinite opportunities to explore.

I freely serve the Greater Will of Creator, recognizing that my own will is thus served in harmony, balance, and great joy. May you each find your purpose, and thus find similar fulfillment.

In Light and Love—blessings and peace to you all! Salu.

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