Violinio Saint Germain

The Seventh Ray

Here is one of the more publicly known of the Ascended Masters. His is a passionate and animated nature highlighted by a personal concern for and stewardship over the great experiment in freedom we recognize as the United States of America.

There has long been a story circulating around that Germain was the “mystery man” standing up on the balcony of the then-called Pennsylvania State House (later known as Independence Hall) in Philadelphia, who seemed to come out of nowhere, gave an impassioned speech ending with the urging, “Sign! Sign!” and then disappeared, just as abruptly and unusually, when the Founding Fathers were standing around, in great fear, about to take the irrevocable plunge into actually SIGNING the Declaration of Independence. These ones had a sense of the price they were likely to end up paying for Freedom, and with few exceptions the price ended up being an even heavier toll on their lives, their families, and their property than they thought would be the case.

From a more spiritual viewpoint, Germain is known as the Master of the Seventh Ray, or Spectral Aspect, of Creator's One White Light. His is the potent Violet Ray of Transmutation, of changes born from the passion of soul desire and earned completion of one phase of a thrust, and now on into the next. In that respect, there is strong coupling with Master El Morya and his “taking the first step” focus of the First Ray – as an old growth-challenge cycle is completed and a new cycle begins. Moreover, there are higher aspects of what we would recognize as “ceremony” associated with the art and science of transmutation, and it is our cultivation and elevation of this domain of ceremony which are also aspects of Germain's teaching duties.

In The Rainbow Masters, Germain says: “I head up the program for the thrust of the Seventh Ray, for it is the Transmuting Ray. I am passionate about it, unbending regarding its use for purity, Truth AND FREEDOM – FREEDOM OF THY GOD SELF, IN THE SERVICE OF THE CHRISTOS, WHICH IS GOD – PURE AND SIMPLE: GOD FREEDOM EXPRESSED IN MANIFEST FORM IN THEE AND IN ME....

"If ye wish to sum the measure of my existence in all prior times, please let it be said, 'He lived to make men free'....

"In all my times upon thy place, I have sought to stand squarely on a platform of basic human rights for a responsible, reasoning public education in the principles of liberty and equal opportunity for all. I have efforted to teach thee ones to espouse your inalienable DIVINE RIGHT to live life according to your highest conception of GOD. No right, however simple or basic, can long be secure without the underpinnings of the Spiritual Graces and the Divine Law that instills a compassionate righteousness in the exercise thereof. Always I have efforted to make thy country [United States of America] a fortress against ignorance and superstition, where Christ achievement could blossom, and devotion to THE ONE could prosper in the quest for the Holy Truth (Grail)....

"I have always efforted at being an immortal spokesman for your scientific, religious and political liberties. I believe that humanity shall accept, as an axiom for its conduct, the principle for which I have laid down my life: the right to investigate. It is the credo of free men – this opportunity to try, this privilege to err, this courage to experiment anew.

"We scientists of the human spirit shall experiment, experiment, experiment, ever experiment. Through centuries of trial and error, through agonies of research, let us experiment with laws and customs, with money systems and governments, until we chart the one true course....

"Today...we see the cycles of Earth's returning karma reach a mounting crescendo, wherein the four sacred freedoms are threatened, even unto annihilation. Let us now see what we may accomplish for our beloved Terra Maka (Grandmother, Beloved Mother) and for our brothers and sisters on Earth plane, with the renewed opportunity of working as a united ONE with our Cosmic Brethren and our merged Higher Energies. Precious ones, we have vowed and are committed to be victorious in this age – AND SO WE SHALL!

"In this very time of thy calendar, we will be given, once again, a way to continue a new dream. Ye will be given a 'road map' back to the stars and ye will see the star people come out of the illusion of the two-legged form and into their actual, as the ancients word it: 'Great Sleeper-Dreamer' form.

"Totally enlightened Masters will come into thy spaces. YE SHALL NOTE, TOO, THE LEGEND OF THE SECOND COMING OF THE CHRISTOS ENERGY is destined for thy imminent 'time'...."

Expanding on the love theme by Paul, Serapis Bey, and Lady Nada, Germain says: “Let the great and sacred circle of our oneness and our love cancel out all division, all misunderstanding, all ignorance, and every false testimony, as in the case of the blind men and the elephant – all giving varied reports of the same spectacle, but never arriving at the point of what was beneath their senses. The eyes that see are only a mirror of what thy heart and soul sees. Always look with thy eyes from the perspective of thy heart.

"I call your attention to that point, for centered in your heart, which is becoming my heart day by day, you can see all things as they are.... Behold, I make all things new by the flame of the heart, by the vision of the heart, by the wisdom of the heart that is the endless stream of the endless Source....

"Beloved ones, the reward of love is great. However, those who deserve it often do not receive it because they are the ones, the busy ones, working and serving. They often do not take of the time to be quiet and receive. It is most important to allow receiving. Always be at work to enlarge thy aura of Light that ye can be in the abundant receiving....

"SO BE IT. I GO FOR THE MOMENT, BUT THERE WILL COME FORTH MORE, MORE, AND MORE. BLESSINGS UPON THEE ONES WHO TOIL AT THE BEARING OF THE TRUTH AGAIN TO THIS BELOVED PLACE FOR THY BROTHERS, THAT THEY MIGHT CONFRONT THEIR INDIVIDUAL DIVINE COURSE. THEE ONES ARE SET SAIL ON A PATH OF RED [this is a symbolic Native American term for 'success through dedicated action', not of bloodbath or slaughter as one may be inclined to guess from our modern, twisted world of experience], UNTO GLORY!


– – – – – – – – – – – -

Now do you see why I felt inadequate to the task of introducing these Formidable Teachers?! Note that there are seven from the realm of “Upper Management” and seven “Rainbow Masters". All of the passages they asked me to share with you have some points in common, or otherwise overlap in complementary ways, displaying a combined purpose that weaves a tapestry of great insight and compassion for the human condition at this time on planet Earth. And yet – all of these introductory portraits (as well as what you are about to read in Part II) also exhibit their Author's unique personality and style – or “color” – to put it in a metaphorical way.

Which brings me to the choice of cover art for this volume. Special thanks must go to a wonderful “hands-on” learning center for kids of all ages called The Exploratorium, located in San Francisco. They are responsible for the superb photograph of an actual prism in action. No simplified line drawing or cutesy artist's rendition or trite cartoon work here – this is the real thing! The subtlety of detail should give away that fact to the observant eye (or maybe to the optically knowledgeable eye).

This choice of cover art is not just pretty, for it carries a deeper, symbolic message too. Notice, first, that the “Light” emerges out of the "darkness of the void". Shades, here, of the Creation Story in the biblical Book of Genesis. Beyond that, however, we have the “One White Light” of God above, flowing down to we upon Earth, and being split up, in the process, into beautiful spectral aspects or colors which shine down upon and bathe our world with the energies of the Master Color Rays of en-Light-enment – as you have just been reading about in this Introduction.

I have a dear spiritual friend who has been “around the block” quite a few times in her now-almost-ninety years. She was, for much of that time, a very close personal and business associate of Elizabeth Arden, the cosmetics genius. I shall here simply refer to this one as Angela ("from the realm of the Angels"). Through eyes more free-flowing than what training has done to narrow my physicist's view, she saw in the cover graphic: “Beauty, Harmony and the colorfully Luminous Spirit of the soul.” And also, the “Evolving of the soul from darkness into The Light” in all of its possibilities and varieties – the "full spectrum” of “colorful” souls, so to speak – which may actualize from God's thinking.

She also saw the light path not simply as my scientist's eye would read the action (from the top downward), but she also saw a flow in the OTHER direction, too. That is, she saw the rainbow spectrum as also symbolizing the rich variety of “color-full” created life “reaching straight for the Heavens, brightening", as our Earth-based cooperative effort merges back into that One White Light of God and Creator Source – thus completing the cycle of giving and regiving, so as to be given again.

And for you really enquiring minds, those other, seemingly spurious rays you see in the cover-art photo are what really happens (rather than what you usually see depicted in the “cartoon” drawings of too many so-called physics books these days) when an intense beam of white light is refracted AND reflected when intercepted by a prism. Not limited by physics, to Angela the blue-white hue exhibited by those reflected rays “denotes spiritual truth with enlightenment". Can't argue with that interpretation!

But what I am MOST reminded of, metaphorically, in looking at those extra reflected rays, is that the truth is always more complicated than the simplifications we are so often taught in school or we are otherwise so often inclined to adopt from ignorance and/or laziness. Now, that's a whole different subject, and yet it gets me back to some final thoughts to offer in closing out this quite-long-enough Introduction To The Authors:

Our world is indeed at a major crossroads at this time. WHILE our controlled media try their best to keep any truth from you, WHILE our educational systems have been programmed to dumb you down to the point of non-thinking, WHILE your rightful earnings have been systematically and escalatingly stolen from you, WHILE efforts have long been in place to get you malnourished and sick – and keep you there in the process of further draining your pocket book, WHILE elections are electronically fixed long before Election Day according to instructions from the highest levels of the dark elite controlling element in our society, WHILE cloning of soul-less robotic human duplicates has been a done technology for over thirty years now – utilized at the highest levels of political gamesmanship and brazenly paraded right before your eyes on each evening's television so-called “news” programs, and, while we're on the subject: WHILE most prefer to simply escape within their addiction to the dulling prattle of their vidiot boxes – yes, while all that and much, much more goes on – enough others nevertheless see, or better yet FEEL, changes on the way.

Some acutely sense bits and pieces of the larger planetary transformation ALREADY in motion. Late-night radio talk-show host Art Bell has even dubbed this feeling and phenomenon “The Quickening” – a most appropriate term (and his recent book title). And if you've just opened your eyes and you're hungry for another excellent “Earth-based” capsule summary about why it is our Elder Brothers need to be here at this particular time, go get brilliant author David Icke's book called: ... And The Truth Shall Set You Free. Or go back to the end of the Preface for information about acquiring the Phoenix Journals and the CONTACT newspaper.

No matter how you look at it (or try to run and hide from it), big changes are surely a-comin' fast – if for no other than very physics-oriented reasons having to do with the high-energy, high-frequency region of space which our planetary system is gradually approaching right now, and will most definitely pass through, that has been dubbed “The Photon Belt". Why do you think Esu "Jesus” Sananda said he would be back in 2000 years? He was well aware that the dark ones only had a certain while in which to continue to test us through wreaking their havoc. And then the you-know-what would hit the fan, so to speak, as the last days of the testing play out. That's what's happening now.

These incoming Photon Belt energies have a lot to do with all aspects of The Quickening. For instance, rarefying changes are occurring in the very substance of physical matter – including that physical matter which comprises our bodies and brains. These changes, in turn, will stimulate amazing, yet presently mostly latent, capabilities in mankind. Other changes must occur in Mother Earth, which will cause a lot more of what my then-little niece once most exquisitely called (just after a Los Angeles earthquake) the “sneezing” of Mother Earth, as she shudders and coughs to rid herself of man's poisonings and tamperings, and claims her rightfully earned, balanced, fourth-dimensional format.

BIG changes in our thinking are likewise inevitable – not only because long-hidden, mind-blowing information will be shattering previously held beliefs on all fronts, but also because man's newer (higher) perceptive capabilities will open him to more direct communion with (and thus transfer of information from) the Higher Lighted Teachers, such as those who contributed to this volume.

There's no way to stop it – and the major dark crooks know that. One way or the other, The Truth shall simply ALL, ALL, ALL come out! Good for us; bad for them.

Yes, the times they are a-changin'. Fast! And the ride will likely be a bumpy one. So gather around you your seat belts and shock absorbers and common-sense wits. And that's where the Teachings collected herein come into the picture, for there are many an enquiring mind out there, awakening to “the smell of the coffee” and hungry for Guidance that truly feeds the spirit and points the way for each to assume THEIR driver's seat and make a difference. A wise friend of mine, who was for many years President of the University of Notre Dame, used to like to remind me that the true role of Higher Education was to teach a person HOW to think, not WHAT to think. And that motto, while sorely missing from most so-called Higher Education these days, is certainly a central theme of the Messages you are about to read herein.

Consider this as a final thought as you decide whether or not to proceed into the rest of this volume: you're driving down the highway in your cool convertible and the radio says you're going to hit a heavy rainstorm coming up as you enter the next town, several miles yet down the road.

Now, you can ignore the radio – after all, how REAL is that, really, for you can't SEE or HEAR radio waves, just their “translation” through a “receiver". And, beyond that, who believes weather reports or meteorologists anymore anyway?

Or – you can bother to pay close attention to what the weather reports have to say, pull over, put up the top, make sure your windows will roll up, and maybe even fill your gas tank and snack bag at that service station coming up, just in case things do get messy further down the road.

I know what I would do. How about you?

And so, in the spirit of that challenge, I am asked by the Master Teachers who have guided this Introduction to leave you with the following words from a gracious soul who helped MANY on this planet – and whose recorded legacy continues to do so, long after his physical death (from exhaustion, by the way, trying to console too many near the end of that abominable, dark-elite-instigated conflagration called World War II). This humble being, yet famous “psychic", was known as Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping prophet". He surely tapped the same Higher Realms as produced the Messages that follow in this volume when, one day during a trance-state “reading” (262-104), he so wisely instructed:

For as ye apply day by day what ye know,
then is the next step,
the next act,
the next experience,
shown thee.
Because thou hast then failed here or there,
do not say “Oh, I cannot – I am weak."
To be sure, thou art weak in self, but O ye of little faith!
For He is thy STRENGTH! THAT is Wisdom!
Let no one then again ever say “I cannot."
It's rather, if ye do, saying “I WILL not – I want MY way."
This is foolishness, and ye know The Way.
For He is Strength; He is Love; He is Patience;
He is Knowledge; He is Wisdom.
Claim ALL of these, then, in HIM!
For He is in thee,
and the Father hath not desired that any soul should perish,
but hath prepared a way of escape,
a way of love,
of peace,
of harmony,
for every soul –
if ye will but claim same,
live same,
in Him.